A Warm but Soggy Ascent to Base Camp

A Warm but Soggy Ascent to Base Camp

A Fireman Ed virgin Q and well done it was, had a few LIFO FNG’s lucky for them it was Base Camp and Bugeater wasn’t there to make them do the 15 burpees on your own for being late…

Fireman Ed had the PAX circling around the parking lot to collect the LIFO’s, two FNG’s R. Patz (now Snail Mail) and R. Wentzel (now 8 Ball) and off we went…
jog around parking lot




To the track

lap 1 every corner 3Xburpees

lap 2 every corner 4XMerk

partner up

partner 1 shuffles to the end of bleachers and partner 2 LBCs till P1
is back then switch

2nd time

partner 1 Karaoke to the end of the bleachers and partner 2 LBCs till P1 is
back then switch

To the baseball field

15X dips, 10X incline Merk, 10X supine pull-ups, repeato

on the field (soggy as it was but we all know that’s no issue for F3)

from home to left 10 squats back to home

to center 10 lunges

to right 10 SSH

To the hill

Jacobs ladder to three burpees

Peoples chair plus 15 air presses repeated three times




10X bicycle

10X LBCs

warm down lap

10X heels to heaven

Moleskin: Great first Q by Fireman Ed, he has been one of the steady Eddies of Base Camp (yes I know that’s awful).  Look to see much more of him in the future.  The two FNG’s, Snail Mail and 8 Ball were shocked but intrigued and both put in a huge effort, I see some Jack Webb’s in the future, Snail Mail being yet another resident military vet (hoo rah if that gives the service away).  Marvel put up with being called another name the entire workout until the very end, that might have made him mad and thus the strong work, well done brother!  Fun was had by all.  Crocket is going after F3 in a big way, he only came out two weeks ago and when he was pulling up in his truck Fireman Ed didn’t think it was him because the truck had an F3 sticker on it but nope, he’s just that into it!

Announcements: Too many workouts to mention by name now but went through some of the upcoming ones for the FNG’s and YHC and the Q were still not sure we got them all.

Stonehenge on Saturday is another installment of Fireman Ed, YHC will be there for sure.

Strange Brew on Q next week.

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