Schools Out – Where you at?

Schools Out – Where you at?

4 men gathered in the gloom of Area 51 for an early morning beat-down.

The Thang!
– warmup jog around back of school to little baby track
– SSH x25
– Imperial Walker x25
– low slow squat x25
Pair up, partner 1 runs around track while partner 2 does exercise then flapjack.
– merkins
– squats
– Carolina Dry Docks
– backward lunges
Jack Webb ladder
– 1 Merkin/4 air presses up to 10/40 and back down to 1/4
Mosey to wall
– people’s chair (60 seconds)
– people’s chair with challenges (alternating r leg lift, l leg lift, toes off the ground) (90 seconds)
800 meter (plus)  run
Extended Mary
– LBC x20
– Bicycle x20
– Plank x 1min
– Back Scratchers x20
– Side crunch right x15
– Side Crunch left x15
– plank right arm high  x30 secs
– plank left arm high x30 secs
– leg drops (the Jackknife)  x20 and hold
– Hello Dolly x 15
– plank 1 min (alternate right and left leg raised)
Trail Run
– dips x20
– trail run
– bear crawl to top of hill
– 10 burpees
– mosey to playground
Pull-ups and Squats x 7, 6…1
– The Few, The Proud, The Area 51 PAX.
– Great work by the PAX this a.m. Jack Webb and Mary saw to it that shoulders and abs got shredded.
– Still a mystery as to where the remaining PAX were this a.m.  There was speculation that this could have been due to the beginning of summer break festivities, a serious outbreak of fartsack fever or a mass alien abduction (This is Area 51 after all).
“Rookie Day” will be held on June 15th and 22nd.  Bring your brothers, uncles, cousins, neighbors and co-workers.  Details to follow in upcoming weekly emails.  

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Slap Shot
Slap Shot
9 years ago

we’ll be back this week!

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