23 pax at Hydra this morning including 1 FNG and a couple of guys from Metro set out for a non-stop 45 minute downPAINment.

The Thang:

Run to field for warm up:

-SSH x 20

-Imperial walkers x 20

-Merkin pyramid to 10 and back down, holding at plank position for 5 seconds at each step up. Wake up!

-The Shore shoulders: Arm circles in squat position. 

-Circut work.  4 stations at opposite ends of the large field with a different exercise at each station: pull ups x 10 , Mary Catharine’s x 15, diamond merkins x 15, and jump squats x 15.  After completing a station run back to center of field and complete 10 burpees then run to next station. Clockwise, cycle through each station and back to center each time for burpees . 

-6 MOM


     -Dolly x 20

     -Rosalita x 20

     -Bicycle x 20

-Relay race: 4 teams x 2 heats.  Sprint length of field and back then tag next teammate.

-Jog back to parking lot for 3 minutes of plank-o-rama


-There was a bit of confusion during the circuit course as YHC did not tell the pax how many cycles to complete.  South Charlotte’s very own “Speed Demon” Joker was first to complete one cycle of 4 stations and asked after completing his 4th set of 10 burpees “Are we done?”  YHC,  “no…go again”.  Once the pax started completing the second cycle someone asked again “Are we finished?”  YHC, “no”.  Response from pax… “again?!” YHC, “yep”.  This conversation played out a couple more times while we ran the course for 30 minutes. (Audible was called after 25 minutes to change burpees to LBC’s).

-It was great having some Metro pax join us; Nibbler and  Ben Franklin, as well as Philmont.  Hope you guys can make it back down South again soon.

-Nibbler gave Zipadee a run for his money this morning as far a chatter, and The NIbbler won hands down.  Not sure if Zipadee stopped talking or if Nibbler just drowned him out.  Thanks for the fresh commentary!  The Metro guys also eh’d FNG Chris H. and nicknamed him “Zima” (good one!).

-Did anyone else other than YHC swallow a bug this morning?

-T-claps to the  #13heavyseas crowd.  Everyone posted this morning except for Stagecoach…he must be nursing an injury!


-3rd F meeting tomorrow at Chick Fil A at the Arboretum after Kevlar.

-Summer Pool Party at Candlewyck June 8th 6-9pm.  RSVP to Bugeater’s evite sent out earlier this week.

-F3 Dads kicks off this Saturday  June 1st at Francis Beatty Park 9-10am.  Will take place every Saturday in June.

-New Monday workout DMZ launches this Monday at Carmel Road Neighborhood Park (Carmel and Colony just past Church of Charlotte).


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10 years ago

Say WHA??????? For starters, Zip was muzzled right out of the gate at the inaugural launch of Hydra do to the “echo’s” coming off the school and told not to wake the neighbors. #beberryberryquietimhuntingWABBITS (pun intended Nibs)

However, once he heard the nibbler Bunny sounding off, he returned to true form lickity split.

Nobody believes that the nibbler Bunny can overtake the Mighty -Z-! Especially not in that metro outfit he’s dressed in below…..

Stage Coach
Stage Coach
10 years ago

Nice pic Zip…that’s hilarious. No injury here…just good old fashioned fartsacking. Sounds like I missed a good workout.

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