Brickyard 1000

Brickyard 1000

The shovel flag was planted, and 28 PAX took off into the gloom at Death Valley.


  • Short jog around the parking lot
  • Stop by Stagecoach’s truck for a surprise – Everyone grab a brick
  • Hold brick above head and jog to the track plus ½ lap


  • SSH brick in right hand x 15
  • SSH brick in left hand x 15
  • Seal Jacks brick in right hand x 15
  • Seal Jacks brick in left hand x 15
  • Mountain Climbers (hands on brick) x 30

Mosey to the end zone and get in groups of 4. 

1 pax runs 200 yds with the brick while other 3 pax perform following exercises.  Plank when all 4 have completed the round. 

  • Round 1 – Merkins with the brick
  • Round 2 – Squats (hold brick straight out in front)
  • Round 3 – Turkish get-ups with the brick
  • Round 4 – Brick burpees


  • Dolly (brick presses optional) x 20
  • Flutter (brick presses optional) x 15
  • LBC with the brick x 20

Mosey back to the end zone. Find your group of 4 guys for staggered sprints.

  • Pax 1 starts and next man starts when the man in front of you hits the 25 yd line
  • When the last man crosses goal line, repeat
  • 200 yds total

Little baby jog to the hill

  • Group 1 – Diamond merkin ladder (up to 5)
  • Group 2 – LBCs until group 1 finishes
  • Flapjacks

Run up the hill 1 last time and gather for COT.


  • YHC heard lots of grumbling from the pax as I opened the tailgate to reveal the bricks.  #verysneaky
  • Just be glad it didn’t rain last night.  #bricksabsorbwater
  • Strong work by all this morning, especially 13 yr old UPS who turned down a smaller brick paver in favor of the big brick. #nowthatslogistics
  • Lots of running today, therefore lots of O2 deprivation
  • Great to see some new faces.  Keep coming out guys.


  • HDHH tonight – 6 pm at Vintner Wine Market.
  • 3rd F workouts:
    • Yardstick – Southpark Panara Bread; Thursdays at 0630; see Hops with questions
    • Compass (True Measure of a Man book study) – Chick-fil-a Arbotetum; Fridays at 0630; see Stone Cold or Bulldog with questions
  • F3 Dads starts this Saturday, June 1, at Colonel Francis Beatty Park 0900-1000.  Bring your sons and daughters!
  • June 8, 6-9 PM – Pool party at Candlewyck pool.  See weekly email for details.
  • New Monday workout (DMZ) at Carmel Middle School starts 6/3.

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