Picnics and Pain

Picnics and Pain

The holiday weekend may have tapered attendance, but not attitude and appetite.  No burgers and beers on the menu this morning, just beatdowns.  So before we fire up the grills, lets get down to that thang:

COP at North West Stonehenge
SSH x 25
Squats x 20
Mountains Climbers x 30

Sprint across Johnston to beat oncoming traffic to North East Stonehenge
Jack Webb up to 5, ladder back down to 1

Mosey to Premier parking deck, lunge walk along the way
Partner 1: sprint up incline to level 2, 10 jump squats, sprint back to level 1.
Partner 2: nonstop donkey kicks on wall until partner returns.
flapjack and repeato
(donkey kicks total #crowdpleaser, especially on 2nd set when partner was smoked and gone for what seemed like 2 minutes)

Partner 1: sprint up incline to level 2, 10 knee-ups, sprint back to level 1.
Partner 2: nonstop LBCs until partner returns.
flapjack and repeato

Peoples chair: hold for 30, hands up for 30, press it out x 20

Partner merkins: 10 with added weight of partner planking. (some confusion on format here, Q’s fault. All apologies. #Cobain  Extra credit to Ice-9 and Frehley who may have added bonus set of 10.

Bear crawl to other side of parking deck, bear crawl back.

Little baby jog to Aloft Hill
6s on the hill, burpees at the top, squats at the bottom.

Over to the Field of Dreams
5 merkins, sprint to halfway point for 5 merkins, sprint to end for 5 merkins
10 mountain climbers, high knees to halfway for 10 MCs, high knees to end for 10 MCs
10 mountain climbers, a$$kickers to halfway for 10 MCs, a$$kickers to end for 10 MCs

Jog to Dana Radar Golf School lot for Mary
Flutter x 20, 2 merkins in cadence (Ice-9 tries to EH #sadclown showing up for putting lessons. He declines, but Ice tells him to join us at Vine next week anyways)
Dolly x 20, 4 merkins in cadence (Frehley makes inappropriate innuendo mocking YHCs directives)
Rosalita x 20, 6 merkins in cadence
Russian twists x 15, 8 merkins in cadence

Jog to Loch Ness for partner relay, lunge walk across bridge on the way
Partner 1: sprint around lake to halfway point, 10 jump-ups on wall, sprint rest of lap to tag partner
Partner 2: 10 derkins, 10 dips on picnic table, repeat until partner returns. (still no burgers at picnic table = sad pax)

Take it home for Ball of Man

We covered a lot of ground today.  Strong work by all, especially in parking deck painfest.
Special Area51 welcome to metro QIC Ice-9,  great to have you at Stonehenge.
Honor & Respect to our fallen warriors on this Memorial Day weekend. #freedomisnotfree

Check website for details on Monday’s #quadrupledown in South Park, including Patriot Festival run.
Last day to register for fall USMC Mud Run
All reminded about Monday’s limited schedule.  Report to Area51 at 7am for convergence

Enjoy the long weekend and safe travels if heading downrange for R&R.

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10 years ago

Great lead, Market Timer, and many thanks for the warm welcome by all. Look forward to next time.

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