Lights, Camera, Action for F3

Lights, Camera, Action for F3

Awesome morning in the gloom for 58 pax (including 3 FNGs) from Area 51 and Metro CLT to get after it #F3TheRock style!  As the pax rolled in the shovel flag was firmly planted and Dredd & OBT where being interviewed by our local NBC news anchor M Mic Check (Colleen Odegaard) for an upcoming show featuring F3.  With the cameras rolling and filming the entire workout, all the pax heeded TR’s preaching and put forth their best form.

The Thang:

Run Stopper Lead:

Mosey to the far end of the soccer pitches for COP:

Merkins x 20, Mt Climbers x 20, SSH x 20

Jack Webb #1, 1 Merkin & 4 Arm Raises, 2 Merkins & 8 Arm Raises, continue up to 10 / 40.

Mosey to pavilion for:

3 sets of jump ups x 20, Dips x 20, Step Ups x 10 each leg

Peoples Chair x 3 mins – Arms high and hold leg up 6 inches, swap legs, Arms high and twinkle toes – lift heels and support toes, regular wall sit.

Planks led by Dredd

Jack Webb #2 – up to 10 merkins & skip the last arm raises to 40, go to 50 for extra credit.

Hit your six for the protractor.

Mall Cop Lead:

Mosey to side of the church for 6 MOM with Rosalita x 20 straight to hold for 6″, Flutter x 20, Cumberland County Viaduct x 13 left side, 13 right side, Freddie Mercury (bicycle) x 15.

Mosey to the set of 4 cones set 30 yards apart in front of the church for:

The Beast: sprint to first cone and do exercise called x 10, then so on continuing at each cone down to #4, then turn around and do exercise at each cone back to start.  Plank when done.

1) Merkins at each cone.

2) Squat Jumps each cone.

3) Carolina Dry Docks each cone.

4) Suicide Sprints back and forth to each cone.

5) LBCs each cone.

6) Bear Crawl to first cone, Crab Walk to Second Cone, Sprint to 3rd Cone, then Burpee Broad Jump back 90 yards.  (Crowd Pleaser)

Two Line Indian Run around the perimeter of the parking lot, then Jail Break last 150 yards to Shovel Flag.



Another awesome morning in the gloom at The Rock to make a downPAINment on the day.  The pax did a great job today with the distraction of the cameras rolling and kept good form throughout.  Thanks to Tiger Rag for preaching good form and having the pax in good shape to make F3 proud!  It was great having some of our Metro CLT brothers down for the morning.  Yes brothers, there is life and a sustainable society below Fairview Rd.

As soon as we know the show air date on NBC from the filming of this mornings workout and the interviews we will post it on the website and send out some tweets.  There may even be several F3ers in studio on set for the show, so be on the lookout to set your DVRs.

There were many Larry Birds today but by far the best performance was by Ricshaw, Stage Coach’s 2.0.  They both doubled down by posting at Stonehenge at 6:00 and coming straight over to The Rock afterwards.  Toward the end of the Beast YHC called for a suicide sprint to each cone and the whole pax got smoked by a quadruple Hate!  STRONG job little brother, STRONG!

OBT had a secret award ceremony as he had made some special Double Down GoRuck fire and snow patches made for the 4 pax, including Area 51’s The Shore, who participated in both GoRuck Challenges.  Another super strong showing and now they have some sweet patches to show for it.  Well done gents!

Great 3rd F prayer by Dredd with a ball of man at the end of the COT!  Please keep the following pax and families in your daily prayers as we lift each other up: Matlock and his daughter, Coal Miner’s Daughter and his daughter, and Cotton Mouth and his wife.


We are continuing to collect workout clothes for the Charlotte Rescue Mission workout and childrens books for Billingsville Elementary.  We are now in full signup mode for the next GoRuck Challenge on August 2nd and for the USMC Mud Run in October.

Until Next Time!


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Strange Brew
9 years ago

Really well done Runstopper and Mall Cop, my shoulders and legs were hurting the next day, all good. Maybe we should get cameras out there every week.

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