Spring in the Air, Summer around the Corner

Spring in the Air, Summer around the Corner

12 Hearty Souls (including 2 FNGs) gathered around the Shovel Flag for their weekly downpainment at Area 51, with Countertop and Abacus on Q.  Starting to feel more like spring/summer here in the South as we kicked it off with Countertop taking the lead.

  • Hit the playground for 10 Pull-ups (Countertop is a non-traditionalist)
  • Mosey to the Soccer Fields  (all exercises in cadence)
  •      Run to the 1st post – SSH x 30
  •      Backward Run to the 2nd post – Imperial Walkers x 30
  •      Run to the 3rd post – LBC x 20
  •      Karaoke left to the 4th post – Mountain Climbers x 20
  •      Run to the 5th post – Sister Mary Catherine x 10 each leg
  •      Karaoke right to the 6th post – Perkins (Perfect Merkins) x 10
  • 100 yard duck and runs x 3 (Canadian brothers refer to these as Pepper Pods)
  • COP (all exercise in cadence)
  •      Man Maker Merkins x 10
  •      Imperial Squats x 20
  •      Scissor Crunches x 20
  •      Rinse & Repeat x 2

Countertop turns it over to YHC for 2nd half

  • Mosey to back of school for People’s Chair and Balls to the Wall
  •      People’s Chair x 60 secs, Merkins x 20
  •      BTW x 30 secs, CDD x 20
  •      People’s Chair x 60 secs, Merkins x 20
  •      BTW x 30 secs, Squats x 20
  • Mosey to the Nature Trail behind the school
  •      Run the trail
  •      Bear Crawl up the hill at entrance to nature trai
  •      10 Burpees & Plank it up until all PAX are done
  • Head over to the back Playground and divide in to 3 groups
  •      Pull-ups x 10
  •      Dips x 25
  •      Step-ups x 10 each leg
  •      Rinse & Repeat
  • Head up to the track for Jack Webb (up to 7 merkins/28 air presses)
  • On your back for 6 MOM (in cadence)
  •      Dolly x 15, Hold ’em 6 in
  •      Flutters x 15, Hold ’em 6 in
  •      Freddie Mercury (Slow Bicycle) x 15
  • Jog back to the launch point
  • COT


– Nice effort by all the PAX and welcome to the two new FNG’s – George Collins (F3 name TBD) & Hal Queen (Coop)

– Any type of team running event, I want Ocho Cinco on my side #smokeboots

– Anyone notice that summer is quickly approaching.  Humidity could definitely be felt and won’t be long before we are looking forward to those nice cool mornings

– Dirty Bird able to enjoy a free work-out and then managed a little free medical consultation on sore knee from FNG George Collins (PA at OrthoCarolina)

– Announcements

“Rookie” work-out at Base Camp scheduled for 5/20.  Invite anyone that may have been considering joining a work-out, but not ready to jump in head first.

Sign up for the October Mud Run on the F3 website.  Deadline is 5/25 for sign-up/payment to guarantee a spot.

As always, an honor and a privilege to lead one of these workouts

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