Tiger Rag in a Kilt??

Tiger Rag in a Kilt??



The Gauntlet has been laid down. Our illustrious Regional Q, Tiger Rag, has publicly stated that if 150 of the Area 51/S-CLT Pax respond to our recent survey, that he will wear a kilt to Haggis’ new workout #Bagpipe. I’m assuming, Haggis, that TR may have to borrow one of yours.

Click on the link below to take the survey. It will cost you less than 5 minutes of your time.


Come on men. We are just over half-way to the goal. This is F3. We have to hit the target. Aye!

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Bird Hole
Bird Hole
11 years ago

AYE! Don’t let them mess with you TR. Wear the kilt with massive Scottish pride….an honor to do so. I have one and will join you and Haggis if needed (Clan McDonald and Clan Grant!). We Scots also have something those who jest to cause regret for their heresy….the sgian dubh! Bird McHole

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