Hydra Soft Launch, Though Nothing Is Soft About A Multi-Headed Beast!

Hydra Soft Launch, Though Nothing Is Soft About A Multi-Headed Beast!

3 Pax appeared in the drizzling gloom by different means of transportation (some on bike, others by car) to survey the AO (Area of Operation) and test out the facilities of OP Elementary!

The Thang:

Not going to give away too much here except it was a great workout by 2 of the 3 heads of Hydra.  You’ll just have to post next Thursday, 5/9/13, to get some of what is sure to be one of the toughest workouts of Area 51!  Great campus with lots of amenitites sure to make your arms fall off, YHC is already sore from this mornings campus tour / walk through.


It was a perfect morning to run with 2 of the 3 heads of the new Hydra workout.  All 3 site Q’s (Bug Eater, Donkey Kong, & 49er) are alumni of the GORUCK class of 421 in February and this will certainly be a weekly beat down by them and several veteran guest Q’s.  This was a fun but very difficult workout and will be a tremendous beatdown each week.  We had fun doing it this morning, but YHC’s not sure you are cut out for it.  We’ll do this workout, but maybe you should just skip it and fartsack!  But if you think you are F3 man enough then this just might be the Thursday workout for you.

The following are the words of our very own Donkey Kong on how this workout got it’s name:  “The Hydra of classical mythology was a fearsome, multi-headed beast.  F3 is a strong body of men with many standout leaders.  Cut off one of the Hydra heads, and 2 more sprout forth.  If an F3 man falls or stumbles, either physically during a workout or spiritually / emotionally in some other aspect of his life, there are 2 more right behind him to pick him back up.  The longer the Hydra is battled, the greater the force is multiplied.  The greater the problem or challenge, the more forcefully F3 as an organization leverages its resources, skills, and determination to achieve the desired result.  Thus the name of our new workout, Hydra!”  Wow, who knew Donkey Kong was such a deep thinker!

So come on out next Thursday, 5/09/13, for the hard launch of Hydra at OP Elementary on Rea Rd just down from the Colony Place Shopping Center.  Gather at 5:20, Launch at 5:30, COT at 6:15.  That is only if you’re man enough!

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