Gettin’ it done at Area 51

  • When:4/20/13
  • QIC: Far Side & Countertop
  • The PAX: Lobster Roll, Crab Cake, Slapshot, Cotton Tail, Dirty Bird, Ol Tenembaum, Skinner, Abacus, FNG Dennis The Menace (Abacus' 2.0), Far Side, Countertop

Gettin’ it done at Area 51

11 strong at Area 51 for a Saturday morning wake up call.  The faithful showed up ready for action and pushed each each other hard.

The Thang:

Warm up fields

SSH x 20

IW x 20

5 berpies

Mountain climber x 10

Jog to middle field for more

Merkin x 10

LBC x 20

Jog to lower field

Diamond x 10

line up for sprints

bear crawn to 50, jog to end, backward run back

side shuffle 100 yds

switch side and shuffle back 100 yds

5 berpies

jog to basck of school


diamond x 6

wide arm x 6

fist merkin (ferkin) x 6

finger tip merkin (fiterkin) x 6

Partner plank Merkin (Parterkin) x 6 – switch with partner

train run through woods, circle up at benches when finished

dips x 20

decline merkin (declerkin) x 10

jog to track

11’s with Berpies and LBC

peoples chair

two laps around track, circling up at each corner for various beatdowns x 10 at each corner

peoples chair

Hand it over to CT for 15 minutes of fun:

circuit of lunge walk, monkey bar leg raisers, LBC, plank walk the side walk, plank when finished

circuit of high knees, monkey bar leg raisers, back scratchers, side LBC’s for beach chissled abs, sidewalk plank walk

Circuit of sprint around parking lot, leg raisers, back scratchers and leg lifts and lowers (cruel way to finish a workout) nice.



Welcome Abacus’ 2.0, FNG Dennis the Menace, at 10 years old he hung with the PAX very strong.  Ol Tenembaum made us all feel like we had lead in our shoes during a speed version of 11’s #speeddeamon, T Claps to dirty bird for pushing it hard all morning, nice work.  CT is officially fiired from taking the last 15 minutes of a work out to see who will crumble during his head scratching circuit.  #unsavory.


Good work to all.

Announcements:  See Mall Cop with any workout clothes you want to donate, we all have some so let’s get this done.  Convergence at the Rock on sat 4/27, no A51 workout.  Good luck mud runners next weekend – Get r done!


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