Fuzzy Math

Fuzzy Math

Aye!  On Saturday morning, 28 men leapt into the gloom to start their day with a downPAINment at Stonehenge.  Among our group were several “doubledowners who headed over to The Rock for the second half of that workout after completing Stonehenge.. Strong work brothers!  YHC had a #doubledown of sorts by completing the first half of Stonehenge and then running in the Charlotte Racefest half marathon.  Header took the reigns at 0630 to make this possible.  Spring must be here as the level of #CSAUP amongst the pax appears to be growing,  Perhaps a reaction to pollen?

The Thang

– SSH x 30
– Squats x 25
– LBC x 25
– LBC x 10

Half mile run to Premier Deck – stop inside lower level
– 10 Burpees on your own along the way

People’s Chair x 1:30
– Frankenstein arms, arms over head

Circle up for Pushorama (return to circle for each merkin variation)
– Merkins x 10
Run up to level 2 and back down
– Diamond Merkins x 10
– Merkins x 5
Run lap around lower level
People’s Chair x 2:00
– Left leg up x 30, right leg up x 30
Run up to level 2 and back down
– Jack Webb Ladder 1 merkin/4 overhead presses
Ladder up to 5/20, back down to 1/4, then 5/20 a final time
People’s Chair x 1:00
– Overhead arms x 30
Run up to level 2 and back down
Back in Circle
– Heels to Heaven/LBC Ladder 1HTH/4LBC…5/20…down to 3/12
Time cut short – time for Dolphin to hand reigns to Header

Half mile+ run down B’tyne Commons Road with 2 pain station stops
– Merkins x 25
– Burpees x 10

Hill Repeatorama
Round 1 – Sprint up and back down, Decline LBC x 25
Round 2 – Bear crawl up and run down, Derkins x 25
Round 3 – Partner up, wheel barrel up, run down
P1: Planks, P2: Decline Merkins x 25 (feet on P1 shoulders)
Round 4: Hop up hill, run down,Decline Mason Twists x 25
Round 5: Sprint up hill, run down, Burpees x 10

~Mile run back to launch point


– Big welcome to FNGs Mike Raedy (Irish Cream) and Mike Prewitt (Chicken Wings). Hiope you guys enoyed your post and will be back for more.
– Very solid work by all of the pax. #Doubledowners is a new trend that hopefully will stay. #bestshapeofyourlife
– Tclaps to Header for stepping up the pain with his second half beatdown. Numerous reports of “fuzzy math” on his distance calculations.
– YHC tried to really bring it with the Jack Webbs and intended a solid 10/40 at the very end but alas was too worked to do it. “If you can’t do it, don’t Q it”. #smokedshulders

– F3Nation 3.0 is live now. Tclaps to AP for all the work in getting this together.
– April 27, convergence at The Rock as many pax will be at the MudRun. Runstopper and Strange Brew are sure to put a beatdown together fo those not running to enjoy.
– F3Dads in Charlotte South. Stay tuned for details but an event is being planned for dads and 2.0s (boys and girls) to get together for some physical activity and fellowship. Details forthcoming. #qualitytime
– Remember to keep lifting each other up. If you haven’t seen a guy at a workout recently, check in and mke sure he is okay.

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