Pain-o-Rama with a Burpee Chaser

Pain-o-Rama with a Burpee Chaser

The Thang

Nomadic Warm Up

  • Pull ups x 10 @ playground
  • Run to 1st post – SSH x 30
  • Backward run to 2nd post – Imperial Walkers x 20
  • Run to 3rd post – LBC x 30
  • Karaoke left to 4th post – Mountain Climbers x 20
  • Run to 5th post –  Sister Mary Catherine x10 each leg
  • Karaoke right to 6th post – Perfect Merkins x 10

Fireman’s Carry / Piggy Back 20 meters switch-o-rama and back x3

  • Peoples Chair x3
  • Balls to the wall with optional pushups for the final 10 secs x3

Trail Runs

Round 1 Trail Run

  • Bear Crawl
  • Burpees x10 (plank)
  • crunches x20
  • bicycles x20

Round 2 Trail Run

  • Bear Crawl
  • Burpees x10 (plank)

Jog to track for 5 sets of 20/10

  • 20 squats & 10 CDD.  Finish 100 squats; 50 CDD
  • 20 LBC & 10 squat jumps. Finish 100 & 50

Mosey to playground for 5 sets 20/5

  • 20 dips & 5 pull ups.  Total 100 & 25 each.
  • Plank when done. Right hand up, regular, left hand up, recover.

Mosey to parking for sprints, 2 groups.

  • First place group awarded:  5, 1 -legged burpees each side. 
  • Second place group awarded: 10 burpees
  • Rinse & repeat all doing 10 Merkins at the end.  

5 MOM with a Burpee Chaser …why wouldn’t we

  • Dolly x15 in cadence. (Hold em)
  • Rosalita x15. (Hold em 6″)
  • LBC X25
  • Burpees x10



  • Great job by all PAX on a beautiful spring morning as we through the pain stations.
  • Not sure how how the reward system was working on the sprints as the first group to finish was awarded with a tougher version of burpee chaser than the other group.
  • Much wailing and gnashing of teeth about the lack of attention given to Mary was heard (Cottontail?) as the PAX mosied back to the parking lot for the final COP so Crab Cake delivered
  • missing the name of one PAX.  Got the face and T-Shirt (Always think of you as “Army 10 Miler”.  sound off and be recognized.


  • April 27th Workout will be Convergence at the Rock 7:00
  • Keep Cottontail’s daughter in your prayers as she continues to fight some health issues.

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