Byron’s Birthday Bash

  • When:04/12/13
  • QIC: Dora
  • The PAX: Cane (FNG), Mermaid (FNG), Strange Brew, Checkpoint, Jamboree, Radar, Canolli, Escargot, Titan, Boomer, Alma Mater (FNG), Dora (Q), Haggis (???)

Byron’s Birthday Bash

13 (maybe 14) storm-chasers gathered at Centurion after fireworks in the sky to celebrate Byron’s 40th birthday F3-style.

The Thang

Mosey to back parking lot for COP (Circle Of Party):

  • 40 SSH
  • 40 IW
  • 40 Squats
  • 40 Parker Peters

Mosey to picnic area for Ladder Party:

  • Dips
  • Derkins
  • Stepups
  • 2/4/6/8/8/6/4/2 = 40 of each

Mosey to front entrance for Wall Party:

  • 40 sec. People’s Chair with 40 Air Presses
  • 40 sec. BTW
  • 40 sec. People’s Chair with 40 Air Presses

Mosey to the practice field, Crabwalk down hill for the 4-Legged Starfish Of Death Party. 4 groups begin at center, sprint 40 yards out, each team down a different leg, 10 reps of stated exercise, sprint 40 yards back to center for 5 merkins. 4 rounds, 40 of each exercise:

  • 10 Jump Squats
  • 10 SMCs
  • 10 SSH
  • 10 Burpees
  • 5 Merkins at center (regular, staggered, diamond, wide-arm, one leg, no leg)

Mosey to lower parking lot for 3MOP (3 Minutes Of Party):

  • 40 Dollys
  • 40 sec. 6 inch hold-em-ups



Jason Rhymer, known to F3 as Byron, has unselfishly contributed so much to the men of F3 (and to so many other people and places, not to mention my own family); so I wanted to celebrate his big day in quintessential F3 style — delivering a beatdown he’d be proud of. Thanks to all you men who posted today and gutted it out, especially the 3 FNGs. Doing 40 of *any* F3 exercise is tough. Kudos to you, and Happy Birthday to Byron, and thanks to Escargot for letting me Q today.

The 4-Legged Starfish Of Death Party was a little too ambitious time-wise so YHC called an audible about three-quarters of the way in to leave time for Mary and COT and get out on time. The bad news is we didn’t get to complete all 40 of all the exercises. The good news is Byron is now 30. #starfishtimemachine

“What’s a no-legged merkin?” “No clue. Come up with something.”

I’m pretty sure Haggis posted. I seem to remember him moseying with me and Strange Brew to the COP and later telling me he had hoped I would have called for 40 merkins too. Pretty sure we did People’s Chair side-by-side as well. By the end of the workout, I counted only 13 men, and he was not present on my digital name-o-rama recording. #phantomscot

The front entrance has a lot of half-wall area great for people’s chair, but not a lot of full-wall area good for handstands. Hence pax were instructed to buddy up with each other for Balls To The Wall if they couldn’t find any available space. #confusedlooks

There were a lot of new-to-me faces in the group but the chatter was low and the effort was high, so to me everyone clocked in with strong, strong work. I need to make it over to Governator sometime; they sent several oxen over to run roughshod over Centurion land.

As for the new guys, welcome Cane, Mermaid and Alma Mater. “Cane” is a University of Florida graduate but “Gator” was already taken — at least we didn’t go with the full Hurricane. “Mermaid” is a lifelong swimmer. We were stumped for a few moments until Mermaid told us what his parents used to call him in high school — something like “fast, cute and sexy little otter” — “Mermaid” for the win. “Alma Mater” is a graduate of Charlotte Catholic High School and “Cougar” was already taken — War Daddy strong and our second Latin F3 nickname in a single week. Who keeps letting the nerds Q the workouts?

Strong work, men. See you next time.

Dora out.

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10 years ago

Excellent Dora…greatly appreciate the kind words and down painment in my honor. There are probably some men who don’t know me, cussing my name, so again…thanks 😉

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