The Wrath of Haggis

  • When:04/06/13
  • QIC: Haggis
  • The PAX: Runstopper, Soft Pretzel, Jamboree, Tadpole, Lex Luthor, Big League Chew, Hermie, Fireman Ed, Strange Brew, Bones (FNG), Tiger Rag, Diamond, Market Timer, Puppy Love, Cheese Curd, Bug Eater, Haggis

The Wrath of Haggis

Aye! 17 pax jumped into the gloom on Saturday to enjoy Stonehenge. Our group included one FNG and several pax decided to grab the second half of The Rock afterwards. Very strong work by the pax and solid lead by Haggis.

The Thang

– SSH x 25
– Imperial Walker x 25
– Mountain Climber x 25
– Merkins x 25

Little baby half mile jog to fountain wall
– Derkins x 10
– Slow Dips x 10
– Jump ups x 10

Run to the wall
– People’s Chair
– Balls to Wall with 10 skull crusher merkins
– People’s Chair

Run half mile to lake hill
Partner up
P1: Run lap around lake then LBCs while waiting for P2
P2: Hill repeats with 5/4/3/2/1 burpees at top

Little baby jog to Bulls for Mary

– Flutter x 25
– Dolly x 25
– Bicycle x 25
– Heels to Heaven x 25
– Protractor x 1 minute

Run back to lake for Relay Race
2 Teams
– 300M run around lake (1 from each team in opposite directions)
– 5 burpees, 10 merkins, 15 squats per lap by rest of team while waiting

Run to Parking Lot
Sprints up the hill
– 75% effort first rep, jog back down
– 75% effort backwards, job back down
– Karaoke up, reverse Karaoke down
– 100% effort sprint up, 50% effort back down
– 5 merkins, 100% sprint up, 50% back down
– 5 burpees, 100% sprint up, 50% back down

Jog back to starting area
5 slow merkins
10 count Plank


– Strong work by all the pax particularly double downers who posted at the second half of The Rock after Stonehenge. Runstopper even Q’d the second half of The Rock. #strong
– Focus on Form – let’s do our best to keep feet up as long as possbile during Mary. Mary is an understanding lady but don’t test her!
– Dolphin sighting? – Dolphin is a no show at his own workout! Despite text message in AM just before launch that he was not feeling well…still he HC’d the day before.

– With spring break behind we are back to regular routines this week.
– Looks like winter could finally be over so no excuses to any “fair weather pax” for not posting.

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Market Timer
11 years ago

Lake relay race followed by parking lots sprints = smoker!!

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