Base Camp…who is Jane Webb?

Base Camp…who is Jane Webb?

6 hearty souls jumped out of bed and raced to South Charlotte Middle School for YHC’s first Q of Base Camp, or at least I’d like to think so.  Another 15 or so folks were so scared they cuddled in the fartsack pulling an Eldon Campbell no doubt.  So up the mountain we went…

The Thang:

.25 mile warm up jog

SSH IC x21

Merkins IC x10

Imperial Wokka IC x20

Carolina Dry Dock IC x15

Squats IC x20

Bear Crawl half the field width, butt kickers the other half, since it was hard to see we probably bear crawled 3/4 the way, well done crew!

Mosey with lunge walk to the baseball field

Partner up (size doesn’t matter, we don’t do partner carries at Base Camp) for Jane Webb…what is Jane Webb?

Base Camp modified Jack Webb obviously, partner 1 does the Merkins, partner 2 does the Air Presses to 6, all in cadence


Partner 1 supine pullups (thanks #Coal Miners Daughter for the naming) x10, partner 2 dips x20

repeato x3

butt kickers to hill for step ladder

up the hill for 1 burpee, down the hill, up the hill for 2 burpees, down the hill, up the hill for 3 burpees then plank it up

over to the washroom for some people’s chair

People’s Chair x45 sec x2 with some noticeable grumblechatter

balls to the wall x45, YHC shoulder starting to shake so audible to only 1x

COP for some 6 MOM:

Dolly IC x20

Flutter IC x15

Heals to Heaven (thanks #Haggis) IC x5 (these really burn the upper abs for YHC)

Tribute to #Runstopper, with partner 10x each leg high knee ups flapjack, then 15x both legs


Great effort by the Pax today, realized that YHC cheated 2 min from the workout but was forgiven by the pax.  Fantastic effort by Tumbler with his second time out after 20 years on the couch (first time was Sat at the Rock), great to see Thin Crust out there pushing hard as always and Fireman Ed with the pre and post workout run from/to his house, you’ve made some serious progress brother, keep it up!  Felt great to be leading a workout that I had helped to start but then have never lead since inception due to injury, thanks again to Coal Miners Daughter and SMASH who lead this with me.  Great send off by SMASH to help us focus ourselves as we set off on our week.


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