Area 51

  • When:04/06/13
  • QIC: Young Love, Abacus
  • The PAX: Crab Cake, Ocho Cinco, Dirty Bird, Biscuit, Cottontail, Slide Rule (Cottontail's 2.0), Skill Saw (Cottontail's 2.1), Thumper (Cottontail's 2.2), O'Tannenbaum, Skinner, Coal Miner's Daughter, Turkey Leg (LIFO)

Area 51

14 of CLT-South faithful showed up for a nice spring morning (finally) and their weekly downpainment at Area 51.  Young Love and Abacus were the co-Q’s this morning with Young Love batting lead off.


–Jog around the school to kickball field and circle it up

All exercises in cadence

—-SSH x 25

—-IW x 25

—-Windmill x 10

—-Squats x 20 (slow, w/ good form)

—-Mountain Climbers x 20

—-Perkins (Perfect form Merkins) x 20

—-LBCs x 20

–Mosey to track at front of school

—-Burpees for 1 minute, as many as you can

—-Zig-zags across field inside the track

——Karaoke across/sprint forward zig-zag for length of the field

——Shuffle across/backpedal zig-zag for length of field to other end

—-Exercise/sprint medley (Perform exercise listed below, sprint to end of track field and back.  Continue with next exercise)

——20 Merkins/Sprint

——20 Squats/Sprint

——20 CDD/Sprint

——20 Backwards Lunges (10 each leg)/Sprint

—-Circle up for Jack Webb to 7/28

–Mosey to the wall at front of School

—-People’s Chair x 60 sec

—-Balls to Wall x 30 sec

—-People’s Chair (Frankenstein style/arms straight out) x 90 sec

—-Balls to Wall x 30 sec

Abacus takes over for 2nd Half:

–Mosey to soccer fields for a little Hands of Time

—-Hours 1-2, 4-5 – Staggered Merkins x 10

—-Hours 7-8, 10-11 – Jump Squats x 10

—-Hours 3, 6, 9, 12 – 5 Burpees

(Originally planned 2 rounds, but thought better of it due to O2 deprivation)

–Run the 800 meter loop and return to the playground

–3 Stations at the Playground

—-Pull-up’s x 10, Dips x 20, Decline Merkins x 20

—-Hanging Leg Raises x 10, Dips x 20, Incline Merkins x 20

–6 MOM (in cadence)

—-LBC x 20

—-Dolly x 20, Hold ’em

—-Slow bicycle x 20, Hold ’em

–Finish it off with an Indian Run to the track and back


-Nice job by the Pax on a beautiful Saturday morning.  Nice little sprint competition between Turkey Leg and Ocho Cinco.  Young Love unable to determine who finished in front as he was too many yards behind.

-Jack Webb made a brief appearance.  Had to be an abbreviated session for sake of time.  No complaints registered.

-Hands of Time originally scheduled for 2 rounds but YHC thought better of it after Round 1.


Skinner is looking for a 4th to add to his Leatherneck team for April Mud Run.  Send him message on Twitter at “@f3skinner” if interested or let Joker know.

Workouts as usual next week, beginning with The Matrix (McKee Rd Elem) and Base Camp (Moderate Intensity, South Charlotte Middle) on Monday.

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