Base Camp Burpees hmmm, sounds like April Fools to me.

  • When:4/1/2013
  • QIC: Coal Miners Daughter
  • The PAX: Strange Brew, Fireman Ed, Geraldo, Bobby Boucher, Taser, The Cat, PETA, Frost Bite, Good Hands, Gecko, Brisket, Coal Miners Daughter

Base Camp Burpees hmmm, sounds like April Fools to me.

Base Camp – April Fools and Final Four


12 PAX posted at Base Camp this morning for a little tribute to the Final Four and a little downpainment.


Warm Up

Jog to Football Field

50 Burpees on your own – April Fool’s, this isn’t Kevlar or the Rock

SSH x 25

IW x 20

Squats x 20

Merkins x 10

Mountain Climber x 15


Over to track for the first Final Four Tribute – Syracuse

Indian Run x 2 laps


Michigan – Round of 3’s

Lap around track – stop at turns and each straightaway for 3 burpees

2nd lap – stop for 3 squats

3rd lap – stop for 3 merkins


Lunge walk/jog to bleachers

20 dips

20 step ups (10 each leg)


Baseball field for tribute to Wichita State

Karaoke to 1st base  – 5 burpees

Backpedal to 2nd base – 5 burpees

Karaoke to 3rd base – 5 burpees

Jog home


Jog to left field

High knees 30 yards; butt kick back

Bear Crawl 30 yards; jog back


Off to Coach Pitino’s favorite Italian Restaurant (parking lot) for tribute to Louisville.

5 MOM (or in this case 5 minutes of Karen Cyphers)

Dolly x 10

Bicycle x 10

Rosalita (renamed Cyphers today) x 10

Russian Twist x 10


Several FNG’s to Base Camp posted this morning – welcome and hope to see you back.

We started off with a little April Fool’s joke of 50 burpees warmup but 11 hearty souls (Q not included) were ready to go for it.

One Jayhawk fan (Brisket) didn’t need the Michigan Round of 3’s to hate Michigan his hate started Friday night.

By the time we were done the April Fool’s joke was on CMD as his plan was a little aggressive for Base Camp standards (and for his own good).  For those that are counting we did get in 33 burpees after all.

Great send off by Strange Brew – good luck with that shoulder.

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