Strange Brew, continuing to master the lunge walk.

  • When:03/22/13
  • QIC: Escargot
  • The PAX: Dora, Swift, Abba, Strange Brew, Haggas, Escargot

Strange Brew, continuing to master the lunge walk.

The Thang:

Mosey to the East lot for warm up.

30 SSHs

25 Squats

20 Merkins

Mosey around the stadium to the practice field.

Partner Carries to one side bear crawl back.

Flip flop partner carries and crab walk back.

Split into two teams, sprint down 5 burpees and sprint back.  Plank while you wait.

Mosey to the lower parking lot and lunge walk up the hill.

Circle up for some Mary.

30 Flutters HOLD

25 LBCs

20 Rosalitas

25 Imperial Walkers

20 Bicycles

Mosey to the back entrance.

Lunge walk up the ramp and back to the stairs.

12 Incline Merkins at the bottom of the stairs in cadence.

15 Dips at the benches in cadence.

Mosey the main parking lot.

Sprint to the first light pole 5 Burpees

Sprint to the next light pole 10 squats.

Sprint to the next light pole 5 Burpees.

Do the same on the way back.

Mosey to the back parking lot hill.

Backwards lunge walk down and then forward back up.

Backwards bear crawl down and then forwards back up.

15 Carolina dry docks in cadence.

To the fence for peoples chair, left leg out, right leg out, regular.

COP for one round of merkin clock and two rounds of SSH Hits.


Mole Skin:

  • Need to start issuing some EHs at your other workouts, I am working on a few.
  • The Pax no longer wants me to attend the Governator due to the new painful ideas.

(Thanks Indian Hill)

  • By the time Strange Brew’s shoulder heals up, we will be capable of lunge walking through his entire day without breaking a sweat.
  • Our hearts and prayers go out to OLB’s family.  Please see the website for foundation details.
  • Let’s bring it this Sunday at the Spartan race men!
  • Key to the stadium is still coming, I know everyone is as excited about the bleachers as I am……. Aye!



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