Area 51

  • When:03/16/13
  • QIC: Abacus and Young Love
  • The PAX: Dirty Bird, Monkey Joe, O'Tannebaum, Geico, Lobster Roll, Cottontail, Coal Miner's Daughter, Jordache, Spielburg, Floor Slapper, Cowboy, Abacus (QIC), Young Love (QIC)

Area 51

13 of the CLT-South faithful showed up for the weekly Saturday downpainment at Area 51 with Abacus and Young Love as co-Q’s.

1st Half QIC:  Abacus

Short warm-up jog to the soccer fields

COP (all in cadence)

–SSH x 25

–Imperial Walker x 25

–Squat x 25

–Merkins x 20

Mosey to the Track for a little Field Work

–Karaoke Right, 10 Burpees, Sprint Back – Plank until pax is done

–Karaoke Left, 10 Burpees, Sprint Back – Plank it up

–Backwards run, 10 Turkish Get-ups w left hand up, Sprint Back – Plank it up

–High Knees, 10 Turkish Get-ups w right hand up, Sprint Back – Plank it up

A little Jack Webb

Goruck favorite with 1-7 Merkins, 4-28 (increments of 4) Air Presses

Mosey to back playground

–Round 1 – 3 Stations                                   Round 2 – 3 stations

—–LBCs x 25                                                        Pull-up’s x 10

—–Step-ups (10xL, 10xR)                              Step-ups (10xL, 10xR)

—–Jump-ups x 20                                             Jumping Lunges (10xL, 10xR)

Mosey to back of school & grab some wall

–People’s Chair (60 sec)

–Wide-arm Merkins x 15

2nd Half QIC:  Young Love

–People’s Chair  (90 sec)

–20 Diamond Merkins

Mosey to field behind School for 6MOM

–LBC x 25

–Dolly x 25 (Hold ’em)

–Rosalita x 25 (en Espanol)

–Flutter x 20

–Superman (30 sec w spotty singing)

Fast mosey to Rock Pile

Pick a pet rock and buddy up for a Rock Combine

–Round 1 (Partner A plays with Rock while Parnter B sprints to soccer goal and back. Flapjack. x3)

—–Squat w Rock

—–Overhead Press

–Round 2 (Same format, just switch up exercise)

—–Staggered-arm merkins on the rock


800 yard run and plank it up until Pax arrive home



-Jordache looking strong on sprints.  Must have been change from retro denim jeans to shorts

-Not much chatter during the Rock Combine, although might have heard a little bit of grumbling

-Lobster Roll led the way on 800 yard run, looking like he was ready for 30 minutes of OT

-Nice prayer by Monkey Joe to close it out and send everyone off on their busy weekends


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11 years ago

Looks like a great workout! The smoke from Saturday’s workout was still hanging in the air when we arrived in the gloom this a.m. for the Matrix.

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