Unhinged at Stonehenge

  • When:03/02/13
  • QIC: Dolphin
  • The PAX: Tiger Rag, Bulldog, Frehley's Comet, Market Timer, ABBA, X-Game (FNG Tucker Johnson age 13), Manners (Real Deal 2.0), Infield (FNG Ryan Wille age 14), Lex Luther, Soft Pretzel, Honey Bee, Jamboree, Puppy Love, Fireman Ed, Wingman (FNG Trent Jones), Haggis, Dolphin

Unhinged at Stonehenge

Unhinged – how my body felt on the way home this AM. Aye! 17 pax came into the gloom for Stonehenge. Our hearty crew included 3 2.0s and another FNG. Welcome folks and hope everyone enjoyed today’s downPAINment. Very solid work by all the pax today.

The Thang

– SSH x 25
– Prisoner Squat x 20
– Imperial Walker x 20

Run to Ledge Lake for a pain station inspired by “Rented Mule” at WIB.
Pax partner up
P1: 20 dips, 20 merkins, 20 LBC
P2: 500M lap around lake with 10 burpees at halfway point
P1 or P2 does squats while other finishes.
This round add 20 squats to P1, P2 same as before

Team run to Field of Bulls
“Matlock” makes an appearance (code for 10 burpees)
– YHC still needs to hear the full story behind Matlock = 10 burpees
Finish run to Bulls and circle up for Mary

– LBC x 25
– Low Flutter x 20, hold ’em
– Dolly x 10, hold ’em
– Dolly x 10, hold ’em

Plank and Roll
Grab partner from Ledge Lake
P1: Plank position
P2: Crawls under P1 and then jumps over x 10

Jack Webb 4 count (e.g., Tiger Press)
1 merkin followed by 4 military presses, ladder up to 5/20…back down to 1/4

Run to base of hill by second lake

Jacob’s Ladder (Partner Style)
P1: Run up hill 1 burpee, down 2, up 3, down 4, up 5
P2: 20 LBCs, sprint 300M lap around lake, LBCs until P1 done
Squats when both partners complete until all teams done

Bearkin Crawl (open to other name suggestions)
All pax bear crawl up hill and back down
Every three “steps” complete 1 merkin

Bunny hop up steps to parking lot and back down

Run to Medical Loading Dock with lunge walk added in to gather up stragglers.

People’s Chair Sequence
People’s Chair x 90 seconds
– military presses last 30 seconds
10 merkins
People’s Chair x 120 seconds
– arms outstretched first 60 seconds, military press in cadence last 60 seconds
10 merkins with feet on wall

Parking lot sprints, speed bump to speed bump
Repeato x 2 on the way back to launch


– Welcome to FNGs Trent Jones (F3 Wingman), Tucker Johnson (also 2.0, F3 X-Game) and Ryan Wille (also 2.0, F3 Infield). Wingman comes to us courtesy of Market Timer and the latter two FNGs were brought out by Real Deal’s 2.0 (F3 Manners). #F3Growing
– T-claps to Tiger Rag for being only person to fully complete the “Bearkin Crawl” and for being at or near the front on all the runs. Also, thanks for wisdom – Bearkin Crawl originally had 3 merkins.
– Today’s workout was designed to work everything and maximize O2 deprivation. Multiple #crowdpleasers and little #mumblechatter tell me that we were successful.
– Good to see Haggis out there after battling bronchitis. Way to represent brother.
– Bulldog was also very strong especially on final sprint and led us out with a solid prayer in COT. Way to close it up right!

– Spartan Race, if interested get registered soon. Details at f3nation.com
Stonehenge will be moving to 0600 beginning next week. Many pax prefer an earlier start plus it allows pax to catch the tail end of other CLT South workouts. Look for details in weekly emails.
On March 16 (two weeks from today), Stonehenge is taking a field trip to The Rock workout. Note, The Rock starts at 0700. Haggis and I will be out with many other CLT South Q’s that day so this is much easier for everyone. The Rock Q’s will treat you right, no worries.

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11 years ago

Nice workout Dolphin! Bearkin crawls were quite the idea on the fly!!!
Hats off to the young boys for putting in a great effort today. Manners did well head locking the FNGs on a Sat morning and they were rewarded with some strong nicknames! Good start to the weekend.

6 years ago

[…] Unhinged at Stonehenge […]

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