There’Snow stopping the PAX

  • When:2/16/13
  • QIC: Counter Top & Far Side
  • The PAX: Countertop, Far Side, Floor Slapper, Gecko, Joker, Lobster Roll, Matlock, Sweat Shop, Turkey Leg, Young Love, Zip-A-Dee

There’Snow stopping the PAX

11 Brave PAX showed up in the rain (which tunred to snow) to remain undefeated at Area 51.  Everyone hit it hard and braved through some wintery conditions.

The Thang:

Counter Top:

Nomadic Warm Up (Moving around the soccer field.   Light post to light post.)

·         Pull-ups x 10

·         Run to 1st post – SSH x 20

·         Backward run to 2nd post – Imperial Walkers x 20

·         Run to 3rd post – LBC x 20

·         Karaoke right to 4th post – Mountain Climbers x 20

·         Run to 5th post –  Sister Mary Catherine x10 each leg

·         Karaoke left to 6th post – Merkins x 20

·         Pull-ups x10


11’s on the playground (two groups)

·         Hanging leg lifts (10-1)

·         Arseless Double Burpees (1-10)


KB with Sprints (in parking lot)


·         Two handed KB Swing x20

·         Sprint

·         Lunge walk – elbow to knees


Far Side:

Trail run through the woods

Dips on benches x 50

Suicide Merkin Ladder w/ partner

25, 50, 75 & 100

Each man does merkins while his partner runs each leg of the suicide then they switch until both have completed

SSH x 30

IW x 30

Mountain Climber x 20

Merkin x 20

Peoples chair x 1 min

squats x 30

Peoples chair x 30

squats x 30

merkins x 20



T-Claps for the dedicated PAX who braved this NC Blizzard of 2013 for the weekly downpainment.
Zip-A-Dee back after taking some time off to recover from an injury and week snow boarding was blasting ??? (whoever this was)  to get himself motivated for the snowy/rainy gloom.
Lobster Roll was showing his New England Roots by showing up in his Gordon’s Fisherman slicker.
Welcome Sweatshop (FNG to Area 51) to the A51 PAX
Turkey Leg lowered the boom on the 100 yd leg of the suicides.
Joker fought through injury and remains undefeated.  Young Love got his last burn in before a Disney trip with the fame – Have fun brotha.
Everyone’s thoughts and prayers are with Cottontail and his family as one of his little one’s (Emily) fights through a case of pneumonia 



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Counter Top
11 years ago

Far Side, your People’s Chair/Speed Squats combo fried my legs & glutes… “Ma Biscuits are still burnin” from Saturday’s painfest.

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