The Three Amigos

  • When:01/26/2013
  • QIC: Dolphin
  • The PAX: Frehley's Comet (Kotters), Honey Bee, Dolphin

The Three Amigos

Aye! 3 brave men left the warm confines of the fartsack and headed into the icy gloom to Stonehenge for their daily downPAINment. Kotters to Frehley’s Comet for coming back after missing last week for some reason that I can’t remember.

The Thang

We broke COP up into 4 stations – 1 at each Stonehenge “marker” at corner of B’tyne Commons and Johnston Road/521.

1st Marker – SSH x 50; Frankenstein Squats x 25
Jog south across B’tyne Commons
2nd Marker – Imperial Walker x 25; Lunges x 25
Jog east across Johnston Road/521
3rd Marker – Merkins x 20; Sore Shoulders x 10 front and back
Jog north across B’tyne Commons
4th Marker – Mountain Climber x 20; Prisoner Squat x 20

Half mile jog east down B’tyne Commons to parking deck

Three Amigos Relay
Pax 1: People’s Chair
Pax 2: ~400M sprint around lower level of garage
Pax 3: Run up two levels, 5 merkins, back down
Flapjack until all three pax complete each exercise

Set of Elevens
1 Merkin, sprint 30 yards, 10 Jump Squats, sprint 30 yards back
Continue to 10 Merkins/1 Jump Squat

Run to soccer field for Mary

– LBC x 25
– Dolly x 15, hold ’em 20 seconds
– Dolly x 10, hold ’em 20 seconds
– Dolly x 5
– CCV x 10 left and right arm
– Ab Ladder 1HTH/2LBC…4HTH/8LBC…1HTH/2LBC
Run back to parking garage

Lunge walk up stairs to fifth level

Downhill Jog of Pain (each pax chooses one station)
Down to level 4 – Dolphin – Inverted Mountain Climber x 10
Down to level 3 – Frehley’s Comet – 5 Burpees and 10 Merkins
Down to level 2 – Honey Bear – Lunge walk 25 yards

Half mile run back to launch point


– Very solid effort by the pax today. Small numbers absolutely did not mean small effort.
– Tclaps to Frehley’s Comet for the double down pain station. Like the way you think brother.
– Honey Bee has some wheels. Guy can definitely run fast. No wonder his marathon debut last weekend was a 3:30! Solid work brother.

– Please pray for Short Sale (Jim Fagan) who broke his wrist at the USNWC Convergence today. Heal fast brother.
– Lots of GORUCK Challenge training opportunities for pax taking part next month. Even those not participating can get a new form of downPAINment at these workouts. Something extra special planned for Stonehenge next week. Stay tuned.
– Continue to pray for The Shore and his family with his fathers cancer and for Byron and his family for the recent loss of his Dad.

Great quote was shared with me this week: “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Very simple and true. Think about it.


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