Deep Freeze

  • When:01/26/13
  • QIC: Joker
  • The PAX: Young Love, Cottontail, Lobster Roll, Strange Brew, Turkey Leg

Deep Freeze

Six men gathered at Area 51 for a crisp start to the day.

The Thang [all shown in civilian count]

IW X 40

Squat X 40

SSH X 40

Warm up jog around school parking lot

Move to playground

-10 pull ups, 20 dips — rinse and repeat for 3 sets of each

Move to the lower field  for five cycles of the 100 yard loop, interrupted at the end of each cycle by:

-merkins  X20

-squats X20

-CCD X20

-merkins X20

-squats X20

Move to playground

-20 dips, 20 incline merkins — rinse and repeat for 3 sets of each

Move to wall

-People’s Chair for 60 seconds, 20 decline merkins — rinse and repeat for 3 sets of each

Move to field

-800 meter run

Move to parking lot

-lunge walk; wrestler walk; merkin broad jump

-bear crawl

-crab crawl



-Things were slick in Area 51 this morning.  We managed to stay on our feet, but a few close calls during the 800 M run as we traversed over sidewalks and paved roads.

– Strange Brew still has a ruck attached to his back wherever he goes.  He was really pushing himself today… merkins with a bag of bricks on your back aint easy.

– Join us on Monday at The Matrix… Strange Brew will be making his debut as Q.


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11 years ago

Sorry I missed the frozen fun. Sounds better then driving up to fredricksburg VA and back in 1 day. See you Monday for a Strange brew downPAINment.

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