Area Fifty Fun – Updated w/ PAX names this time…

  • When:1/5/13
  • QIC: Far Side & Ocho Cinco
  • The PAX: Lobster Roll Smash Turkey Leg Deep Dish Thin Crust Kyle Wiggley - FNG (Mr. Wiggles) Header Abacus Buiscut Knob Baracus Cotton Tail Counter Top Crab Cake Salt Lick

Area Fifty Fun – Updated w/ PAX names this time…

17 men gathered for the Area 51 party on the frozen grass dance floor.  A stricty enforced dress code of hats, gloves and courage was in place.  All men came well prepared.

The Thang:

SSH x 30

Squat x 30

Mountain Cimber x 30

IW x 30

4 Corners

50 Merkins, jog to next station

50 squats, jog

25 berpies, job

25 merkins, jog to finish

Parnet indian run 1/2 mile

Merkin Hoppers:

1 man does merkins while the other hops over him side to side 10 times.  When the 10 hops are over they switch.

Repeat 3 times

Indian run 1/2 mile

Part Deux

5 Berpie warm up

LBC x 25

Flutter x 25

Scissor x 25

Dolly x 25

Jog to playground, break into groups of 4 and rotate between the folowing:

20 one leg squats, each leg

30 jumping squats

15 pull ups

20 incline merkins

Repeat 3 times

Peoples Chair x 1 min

Diamond Merkins x 20

Repeat 3 times

Jog to field for follow the leader

zig zag full length soccer field every 20 yards rotating between karoke, shuffle, fowrad and backwards runs – repeat on the way back

Grand finale of 4 group rotation between Merkin x 20, pull up x 10, jump squat x 30 & one leg squats x 20


Great showing by all today despite the frigid start.  Thin Crust refused defeat in the indian run rotations, strong work brother.  Coffeteria was well represented with guest appearences by Zipadee and Joker.  Lots of talk about the USNWC convergence and today’s workout was a good step in our preperation.




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11 years ago

Lot’s of food-inspired names at Area 51… Lobster Roll, Turkey Leg, Deep Dish, Thin Crust, Biscuit, Crab Cake… most of which are banned items during the 6-week challenge!

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