Mail Run

  • When:12/01/12
  • QIC: Joker
  • The PAX: 49er, Stone Cold, Bugeater, Donkey Kong, Countertop, Salt Lick, Spuds, Mall Cop, Dora,

Mail Run

Ten men gathered at McAlpine Elementary School for the Charlotte South mud run qualifier. 

The Thang

-Run 1/3 mile to start race

-Do “the loop” ten times, including the following:

Run a quarter mile [approx], then ten burpees; run a quarter mile [approx], then move through three obstacles — 1) walk the plank down handrails, 2) climb over the four “legs” of the spider playground apparatus, and 3) do five pull ups.  Rinse/wash/repeat a total of ten times.  As a counting mechanism, performed 1 merkin at the end of the first loop, 2 at the end of the second loop… up to ten at the completion of the final loop.

Total distance convered was 5.05 miles.  Performed 100 burpees [at least], 50 pull ups and 55 merkins.  For any obstacles that could not be completed, a ten burpee penalty was assessed. 


YHC takes credit for a bland course that lacked in creativity, but delivered in terms of O2 deprivation.  The half mile “loop” included a hill that delivered its justice in a slow, painful dose. 

In the pre-race gloom YHC explained the course as a “loop”, which thoroughly confused the PAX as it was really an out-and-back course that we did ten times.  #misdirection.  The mail box was our mid-way point, and a reminder that it was time for more burpees. 

Mall Cop enjoyed a holiday work party on Friday night, only the pay the price on Saturday morning.  No merlot was spilled, but YHC achieved a “contact buzz” simply by smelling the vapors emitting from Mall Cop’s pores. 

Rumor has it that a ten-point spotted the men in the gloom and ran for cover.


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