Rockin the Ciabatta

  • When:11/17/12
  • QIC: Dora and Joker
  • The PAX: Short Sale, Header, Stage Coach, Bratwurst, Salt Lick, Countertop, Callaway, Lobster Roll, McGee, O'Tannenbaum, Abangale, Thin Crust, Baracus, Lois, Baby Boomer, Slapshot, Young Love, Harley, Abacus, The Tickler, APK, Scooter Time, Turkey Leg, Tug, Cowboy, Floor Slapper

Rockin the Ciabatta

28 men posted for an Area 51 painfest.

The Thang [early crew]

Jog to track for 1 lap

SSH x 25

Imperial Walker x 20

Mountain Climber x 20

6 man Indian run with dumbbell around soccer field to back parking lot

4 corners – round 1:  1 leg burpee (R), karaoke to 2nd station, 1 leg burpee (L), backpedal to 3rd station, 1 leg burpee (R), karaoke to 4th station, 1 leg burpee (L), backpedal back to 1st station

Round 2: 10 regular merkins, lunge walk to 2nd station, 10 diamond merkins, backward lunge walk to 3rd station, 10 staggers arm merkins (R), lunge walk to 4th station, 10 stagger arm merkins (L), backward lunge walk back to 1st station

Mosey to upper parking lot

Circle of 6: 30 seconds each station – lbc, merkins, bicycle, KB squats, merkins walk, mtn climbers

2 laps around track – 1 lap jog, 1 lap sprint straights and jog turns

Plank work

People’s chair x 60 sec

Merkins x 20

People’s chair x 90sec

6 min of Mary

The Thang [7AM crew]

COP x20 in cadence (ssh/iw/merk/lbc/pparker)

Indian Run w/a 5 Merkin Chaser around the entire field 2x

Visit rick pile, Get a rock buddy, mosey to nearest soccer pitch

Upper Rock Ciabatta — 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, 8 sets, AMRAP

◦                     Pass rock to your brother, 8x curls

◦                     8x merkins (vary: normal/diamond/wide/stagger on your rock)

◦                     Pass rock to your brother, 8x shoulder press

◦                     4x no-rock CDD

◦                     Mosey to rock pile, put rock to bed

Jog to field

Squats X 30

Jog to back of school

Squats X 30

Dips X 30 / Peoples Chair – 3 sets of each

Jog to playground

Pull Ups X 10 and Jump Ups X 20 – 3 sets of each

Jog to soccer field

800 Meter Race


Jog to school

23 merkins



– Strong work by the “early crew” [Short Sale, Header, Stage Coach, Salt Lick, Bratwurst and Countertop], posting for a 6AM workout prior to soccer games, etc.  – Triple claps for Countertop doing a double down, posting for both the 6AM and 7AM workouts

– The “merkin chasers” during the Indian Run proved to be confusing at 715am. Some pax tried doing them IN FRONT of the line.  And an Indian run with 26 guys in one line is an Indian MARATHON. Next time, two lines.

– Upper Body Rock Ciabatta brought out the best from the Pax, including a signature McGee ‘Unsavory’ call

– Passing your rock to your brother keeps a pax honest about how hard he plans to work out that day, doesn’t it?

– LOTS of mid-exercise illicit black market rock-swapping happening mid-Ciabatta

– The ungloved pax learned just how cold granite can get this morning. Expect to see a run on handwear at your local hardware store this afternoon

-Strong showing from McGee and Lobster Roll in the 800 Meter Race [which is actually about 950 Meters]

-Cowboy was catching a lot of grief this morning – as usual – when he barked out, “I can just stay home and get this treatment from my wife”

-APK wore a hideous shirt today — he claims it is “wind proof”… just sayin

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The Shore
The Shore
11 years ago

Countertop pulling a double down? Sounds like he’s ready for the GoRuck challenge! Along with all you other regulars doubting your abilities who just need to sign up online and prove to yourself what your really capable of! The hardest part is signing up. GoRuck!

11 years ago

Joker passed up an excellent humblebrag opportunity – per usual, he set the pace in the 800.

Counter Top
11 years ago

Early crew was well run. QIC was split three ways with each man leading for the first time. Short Sale lead the last 1/3 of the workout but since I was still only half awake can’t name the first two. Help me out with the un-named…

Nice work by Dora with his first time as QIC at the 7:00 am workout. Fist time I’ve seen an electronic Weinke/Timer strapped to the wrist. Dangerous game when you are workin the Rock Ciabatta.

T-claps to all the new QICs

Lesson Learned – never wear finger-less gloves when playing with COLD rocks. Fingers were icy and palms were sweaty and added a New level of pain as fingers started to thaw. #pain

Alex P. Keaton
Alex P. Keaton
11 years ago

Joker, You are just trying to deflect that I caught you “stepping” out of your vest like it was a dress….

And you forgot to mention that my shirt is not only wind proof, but bullet proof also….And HIGHLY effective at deflecting wind and bullets!!!!

11 years ago

The other two Q’s in the 6am group were Stagecoach and Header. Great job guys!

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