Death Valley – the Anti Mud Run

  • When:10/13/12
  • QIC: Lobster Roll, Ocho Cinco
  • The PAX: Cottontail, Paw Paw (FNG, War Daddy), Slapshot, Farside, Abacus, Ocho Cinco, Deep Dish, Lobster Roll, Cowboy (Kotter), 89 (Kotter), Tickler, Smash, Scooter Time, Callaway, Short Sale + missing a few...stand up and be counted!

Death Valley – the Anti Mud Run

23 men converged at McKee Rd Elem. for an early Saturday beatdown. Lobster Roll and Ocho Cinco co-QIC.

The Thang—-

Lobster Roll QIC…

Warm up jog

Circle SSH x 20

Imperial walker x 20

Merkens x 20

Imperial walker x 20

Play set

Pull up 30

Dips 60

Squats 100

Star run x 2

Carolina dry dock x 15

Jump ups x 20

Carolina dry dock x 10

Five burpees at center each time


Run middle back full back x 2

Ocho Cinco QIC…

Jog to rock pile and choose a rock

run to lower field


Cross over w rock x 20

Run loop

Jump squat w rock.  x 20

Sit up w rock x 20

Run loop

Jump lunge w rock  x 15

Cross over x 20

Run loop

Jump lunge w rock x 15

Scissor sit up w rock x 15


Jog back to rock pile to replace rocks for later use


Walking lunge

Merken x 20

Crossover x 2

Merken x 20

Back peddle burpee x 10


burpee x 5


Burpee x 10


Naked Moleskin –

Nice work from virgin QIC’s Lobster Roll and Ocho Cinco. The A51 crew has had a rash of new QIC’s to step up. Good work men!


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