The Sounds of Silence

  • When:09/29/12
  • QIC: Joker and Slap Shot
  • The PAX: Dora, Schedule C, Z4, Abacus, Ochocinco, Countertop, Cottontail, O'Tannenbaum, Renaldo, Quarter Pounder, Turkey Leg, Lobster, APK

The Sounds of Silence

15 men gathered in the Area 51 gloom.

The Thang

Joker QIC

– SSH X17

– Imperial Walker X17

– Merkins X12

– Walking lunge / bear crawl combination

– Merkin / squat combination [100X each]

– Plank-o-rama-

– Run around soccer field

– Stations: 3 sets of squats [X20 each], dips [X20 each] and pull ups [X5 each]

-Field work: backpedal, karaoke, sprint, bear crawl

Slap Shot QIC

– People’s Chair [3 sets]

– Merkins – Decline / Decline / Incline [X20 each]

– Field work: karaoke, sprint, backpedal [with mountain climbers in between sets]

– Merkins X16

– Trail run

– 30 spartan burpees

Nakedman Moleskin

– New exercises introduced to the PAX on Saturday: 1) the “Sounds of Silence” which requires the PAX to form a straight line, with the QIC at the front selecting exercises and the men behind simply following the lead of the man in front of him… lunges, bear crawl, etc., and 2) a yet-to-be named exercise that entailed a series of pelvic thrusts [thankfully no spectators were within sight of the PAX during this particular movement].

– 200 total merkins were achieved  during the workout [don’t try to do the math based on the above backblast, as it includes a combo of military and civilian counts].

– YHC handled his QIC duties on autopilot, as I was completely smoked from the pre-dawn Spartan training beatdown lead by Tiger Rag at The Rock at 0530.

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