Bear Season

  • When:09/19/12
  • QIC: Joker
  • The PAX: Callaway, Tiger Rag, Hops, The Shore, Far Side, Coal Miner's Daughter, Uncle Leo, Donkey Kong, Smash, Run Stopper, Monkey Joe, Harley, APK, Jamboree, Cowboy, 49-er, Lost Weekend, Mall Cop, Ice Hole, Escargot, Kettle Bell, Herd-On, Spider, Wenker

Bear Season

25 men gathered in the Death Valley gloom this morning for 45 minutes of pain and suffering. 

The Thang

– Jog to bleachers

– SSH X 20

– Merkins / Mary Combo [3 sets of Merkins X 10 and Dolly/Flutter/LBC  X 10]

– Dips / Squats / Carolina Dry Dock Combo [3 sets of each X 10]

– Plank

– Lunge walk to track

– Broad Jump Burpee Combo X 40 yards [repeat]

– Bear Crawl X 40 yards [repeat]

– Crab Crawl X 40 yards [repeat]

– 1/4 mile run

– High Dolly X 15

– 1/4 mile run

– Plank

– Lunge walk and bear crawl from football field to parking lot

– Merkins X 15 just for fun

Nakedman Moleskin

– Record high 25 PAX at Death Valley today… including some crusty vets and some new guys.  Let’s hit 30 PAX next week!

– YHC was riduculed mid-workout for requesting the PAX to “count off”, then ignorning it.  I just like to keep you guessing.

– Feats of strength… Far Side’s broad jumps left us in the dust, and Donkey Kong is ready for the Bear Crawl Olympics.  Speaking of bear crawls, our Charlotte South knuckle draggers all got their fair share this morning. 

– Maybe it’s just me, but anyone else notice a disturbing nickname trend in the recent Charlotte South PAX… Herd-On, Tickler, Wenker, The Nibbler, Ice Hole, etc.  Just sayin…

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