Ark Loader

  • When:09/01/12
  • QIC: Tiger Rag & Joker
  • The PAX: Quarter Pounder, Slapshot, Donkey Kong, Hokie Stone, Cottontail, Ocho Cinco, McGee, Harley, Runstopper, Scooter Time, Abacus, Bugeater, Sparky, Mall Cop, Floorslapper, Big Bear, Punky Brewster (FNG), IHOP, Lobster Roll, Hops, Countertop, Flair (Kotters), Joker (QIC), Tiger Rag (QIC),

Ark Loader

Two by two, the Pax posted around the shovel flag for a beat down of biblical proportions.

————–Tiger Rag Half————————

Warm Up

  • Fellowship jog x 1/4 mile
  • SSH x 30
  • I-Walkers x 25
  • Frog Squat x 20
  • Scorpion Merkins (right leg high) x 10
  • Scorpion Merkins (left leg high) x 10
  • Mosey to field


Thang 1 – The Ark Loader

  • Bear Crawl x 50 yards
  • Backwards Bear Crawl x 50 yards
  • Frog Squat/jump x 50 yards
  • Backwards Frog Squat/jump x 50 yards
  • Bunny Hop x 50 yards
  • Backwards Bunny Hop x 50 yards
  • One legged Bear Crawl (right leg up) x 25 yards
  • One legged Bear Crawl (left leg up) x 25 yards
  • Walking lunge x 50 yards
  • Bear Crawl Karaoke (right) x 50 yards
  • Bear Crawl Karaoke (left) x 50 yards
  • Crab Walk x 25 yards
  • Backwards Crab Walk x 25 yards
  • One-legged Crab Walk x 25 yards
  • Backwards one-legged Crab Walk x 25


——————Joker Half-————————–


  • LBC x 20
  • Low Flutter x 20
  • Dolly x 20
  • High Dolly x 20 (Rosalita?)
  • Plank x 30 sec
  • Right arm high
  • Left arm high
  • Mason Twist x 20
  • Alternating V-up toe touches, “The Slapshot”
Thang 2 – Mini WIB
  • Fellowship / recovery jog x 3/4 mi.
  • 150 Squats per Pax
  • 100 Dips per Pax
  • 30 Pull Ups per Pax
Field Work – “Warm Down”
  • Karaoke (left) x 75 yards
  • Karaoke (right) x 75 yards
  • Backpedal x 75 yards
  • Repeato
  • Sprint x 75 yards
  • Repeato
  • Slow Merkins x 10
  • Much weeping and gnashing of teeth during the Ark Loader.  Certainly not in YHC’s wheelhouse and in keeping with the Ark theme, many Larry Birds.  Too many for proper attribution, but Donkey Kong, Joker, McGee and Ocho Cinco were always setting the pace.
  • It’s the eponymy, stupid:  Cottontail decimates the Pax during the bunny hop.
  • T-claps to FNG Punky Brewster (fka Steve Butkovich, Floppy Disk’s bro-in-law) for posting.  Wednesday he was just minding his own business, Thursday he got EHed for the Spartan Sprint, and today he posted at Area 51.  #Strong.
  • The Pax fka The Oracle (with some sort of Nebraska pedigree) was renamed Bugeater today after YHC read this article on the origin of football team nicknames (LINK HERE).
  • Joker managed to smoke himself so bad today that not only did he drag the shovel flag (sentence: 25 merkins), but he couldn’t find his car in a half-empty parking lot.
  • F3/Ultimate tomorrow (09-02-12), 2:30 to 400-ish.  All skill levels welcome: 2nd F focus.  Pre-Blast and more info HERE.
  • Latta Convergence on Labor Day, 0700 to 0800 (check Find a Workout section of website for directions).  Word has it that you want to bring gloves.  Our adopted Pax McGee is bringing the pain…
  • NEXT WEEK, 09-08-12:  Charlotte South convergence at “The Rock” at Calvary (No Area 51 workout next week).  Meet at the playground and keep eyes open for the Pre-Blast coming this week.


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Floppy Disk
Floppy Disk
11 years ago

Now that is what I call a workout! Thanks for showing Punky how F3 rolls. He will be a Beast by the time F3 conquers the Spartan Sprint in March! Thanks for posting brother, you did a great job!

11 years ago

The Ark Loader left me a broken man… dazed and confused. They say I QIC’d the second half, but I don’t remember it. Who knew a backward bunny hop could be so tough?

Countertop and Flair also were strong in the Ark Loader drills… well done guys.

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