Death Valley – Gridiron Sharpening Gridiron

  • When:08/15/2012
  • QIC: Hops
  • The PAX: Pretty Boy Quarterback, Joker, Tiger Rag, 89, Run Stopper, The Far Side (FNG), Donkey Kong (War baby), Jamboree (co-war daddy), Callaway (co-war daddy), McGee, Uncle Leo, Mall Cop, 49er, The Shore, Harley, Hops, Countertop

Death Valley – Gridiron Sharpening Gridiron

The Thang:

Most exercise performed while carrying a football.   It was a decidedly football-flavored workout with Death Valley regular Pretty Boy Quarterback turning 37 today.   A fumble at any point resulted in a penalty of 5 burpees.

Run one lap around track

SSH’s x 37

Squats x 37

Merkins – Right hand on football x 10; then x10 with Left hand on football

Mountain Climbers – Right hand on football x10 then Left hand on football x10

200 yard medley relays x 4 with 4-man teams with football as the baton.  (50 yard sprint, 50 yard karaoke, 50 yard backpedal, 50 yard sprint)

50 yards of lunges while threading football between legs with each lunge

40 yard bear crawls x 2

50 count combo of burpees and makthar ndiaye’s

Jog to hill

7 hill runs with 3 merkins at top and bottom of hill

People’s chair balancing football on legs

6ish minutes of Mary to include the seldom utilized Cumberland County Viaducts


Naked Moleskin

Strong turnout for an admittedly unorthodox workout with footballs included.  The mystery-wrapped- inside-an-enigma known as Donkey Kong showed up with tape-wrapped Goruck bricks as his football which made the downpainment decidedly more difficult for him.  McGee, on the other hand, chose a Frisbee from his trunk in the absence of a football.

TigerRag and Callaway among others did their best to try to force fumbles hoping to punish the unsuspecting with the obligatory burpees.

All in all – a good showing from the boys in the Southlands with McGee still a part during his summer stay in the South.



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11 years ago

Random observations:
-PBQB doesn’t look a day over 36.
-McGee left his shirt sleeves at home… may be time to take up a collection to get him outfitted.
-Tiger Rag was like Luke Kuechley in the gloom.
-Run Stopper proved in the “passing drills” that while he may have many gifts on the gridiron, throwing a long downfield spiral is not one of them.

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