Training Camp

  • When:07/28/2012
  • QIC: Run Stopper and The Shore
  • The PAX: Joker, Slap Shot, Tiger Rag, Callaway, Ochocinco, Mall Cop, Thin Crust, Pretty Boy QB, Ray Charles, Countertop, Cotton Tail, Sparky, Smash, Cowboy, Ninja Turtle, Grandmama (FNG), Big Bear, O'Tannenbaum, Hokie Stone, Deep Dish, Donkey Kong, Scooter Time

Training Camp

24 men gathered in the Area 51 Gloom.

The Thang

Run Stopper QIC

Warm up: all military count
Side straddle Hop – 60x

Merkens – 30x
Little Baby Crunch – 25x

Good Mornings – 25×3 (hold legs up for 10 sec)
Scissor Kick – 25×3 (hold legs up for 1 sec)

“200’s workout” – two full cycles through each station
Station #1 Mountain Climbers x20 (first cycle) x20 (second cycle)
Station #2 Push Ups Wide = x20 Diamond = x20
Station #3 – Burpee’s With Jump = x20 (first cycle) Without Jump = x20 (second cycle)
Station #4 – Crunches Little Baby Crunch = x20 (first cycle) One Leg Up (alternating) 10 each leg total x20 (second cycle)
Station #5 – Squats Regular = x20 (first cycle) Jumping = x20 (second cycle)

The Shore QIC

Spontaneous Q #1 – Callaway brought the pax around the school in 2 lines, Indian Run, 1 rock coupon per team Spontaneous

Q #2 – Pretty Boy QB lead the pax for 5 minutes of Mary Spontaneous

Q #3 – Ochocinco brought the pax back to the rock pile. 2 lines, Indian Run, rock coupons. Casualty Carry – 14 pax carried the other 10 through the woods (fireman’s, piggy back, whatever worked)

Shore’s Shoulders – In a squat: Out-and-back, Up-and-down, forward and backward circles

– Run Stopper delivered pain and creativity on his first saturday QIC experience.  60 merkins as part of a “warm-up”… hardcore… just sayin.

-The Shore’s lead was meant to give the pax a taste of the GoRuck Challenge. Hopefully 2 lessons were learned. #1 – we are all leaders, and may be called on to lead at any time. #2 – life isn’t always fair. Sometimes, some of us need to carry more of the load. The most important thing is that the team finishes together.
Pretty Boy QB shook off the “HS AP History, Oh crap I’ve been called on” look and survived just fine, leading the pax  through a gut-wrenching 5 minutes.

-Cowboy mysteriously departed the gloom at 0740… what gives brother?

-The PAX was actually 24 men and 1 K-9… as Sparky’s dog served as a spectator/watchdog… maybe the Area 51 mascot?

-In the spirit of an old school workout, Joker, Tiger Rag and others arrived for the workout wearing outfits from the 1970s / 1980s.   TR’s outfit was… well… let’s just say he might have been the seventh, less well known, member of the Village People.  Strong brother… very strong, I think.

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Mall Cop
11 years ago

T Claps to run stopper on his first Q, I was close to calling his first BS on his first exercise in the COP. I know how we love to do Century Sets at Skunk Works, but alas he stopped the count at 60 SSH!

The kids behind the counter at coffeetiria were rolling when they read TR’s shirt. I have a feeling we will see it again sometime.

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