Cottontail 2.9

  • When:07/21/12
  • QIC: 89, Slapshot
  • The PAX: Ocho Cinco, Scooter Time Thin Crust, Big Bear, Smash, Floor Slapper, Goose, Gekko, Harley, Hops, Pretty Boy Quarterback, Mall Cop, The Tickler, Cottontail.

Cottontail 2.9

Seventeen souls gathered at Area 51.




Side straddle hop x20

Imperial walker x20

Standing lunge x20

LBC x15

Flutter kick x15

Dolly x15

Merkins x20


“The Beast”

Set 1 – merkins x6

Set 2 – squats x6

Set 3 – lbc x6

Set 4-  imperial walker x6

Set 5 – diamond merkins x6

Set 6 – burpees x6


Peoples Chair

3 sets with intervals of decline merkins until failure


trail run

jump-ups x25


trail run

dips x25


trail run

jump-ups x25


trail run

dips x25


trail run


2 sets

pull-ups x10

scissor crunch x20


peter parker


walking lunge

bear crawl


parker peter


jog to parking lot



Nakedman Moleskin:

  •  89 recovered from the thrashing he received for missing last week.  He gave us his usual dose of pain on the pavement and a strong round of the beast!
  • Tiger Rag was correct in assuming I would provide the opportunity for us to stretch our legs, this time with multiple laps on the trail.  There was talk of a last minutes star fish but we ran out of time.
  • Triple claps to Cottontail (okay, to MCottontail) for the birth of  their 10th child, Cottontail 2.9.  It was suggested that The Tickler treat him to lunch and maybe have a few words about some, ahem, “things.”
  • The Shore and 49er kick off the A51 tempo run, The Devil’s Turn, this Thursday, July 26, at McAlpine Greenway – SARDIS entrance.  The six milers go off at 0515 am, the 4 milers at 0530.
  • HEADS UP FOR UPCOMING SPARTAN RACES:  Look for instructions on sign ups for the upcoming races in October (Beast) and February (Sprint).  Once the page is live, F3 will have an online registration available for a limited time only.  More info to follow. Stay tuned.



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