The Dirty Dozen

  • When:07/14/2012
  • QIC: Slap Shot and Joker
  • The PAX: Joker, Slap shot, Thin crust, Big bear, Slim jim, Ocho cinco, Lobster roll, Hokie Stone, Z4, Mall Cop, Smash, Goose

The Dirty Dozen

A dozen men gathered in the Area 51 gloom on Saturday morning. 

The Thang:

Jog around field
SSH x25
Imperial Walker x25
Warm-up shoulders
Merkins x15
Prison Squats x25
Diamond Merkins x15
Squat Jumps x20
LBC x25
Military Merkins
Knee ups x25
Squat Jumps x20
Wide arm Merkins x15

Starfish run x20 each of:
Mountain climbers
Carolina dry docks
Jump lunges
Burpees (x10)


Field Work
Karaoke down and back
High knees
Back peddle

Three sets of:


Pull UpsX10

6 minutes of Mary

Bear Crawl

Walking Lunge


Nakedman Moleskin:

 – Good mix of veterans and new-ish guys  on Saturday. 

– Impressive work by Thin Crust and Big Bear.  These big guys  — our Area 51 Clydesdales — work hard every Saturday! 

– Missed seeing 89 on Saturday… a level 3 unexcused absence to be sure.  Word on the street is that he was up late on Friday night watching “Magic Mike.”

-Z4 is showing some rapid gains in recent weeks… veterans beware.

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