07.3.12 Skunk Works/ Dirty Dozen’s Playground

  • When:07/03/12
  • QIC: Stone Cold
  • The PAX: Donkey Kong, Slapshot, Quarter Pounder, Monkey Joe, Hops, Thin Crust, Jamboree, Mall Cop, CounterTop, Pretty Boy Quarterback, Run Stopper

07.3.12 Skunk Works/ Dirty Dozen’s Playground

A Dirty Dozen posted  in the gloom for some play time with the QIC’s fun toys (tires, med balls, jump box, sand buckets, etc.)

The Thang

Once around the track


SSH x 30

Imperial Walker x 30

Squats x 30

3 minute Century Set of Merkins- Regular x 25, Military x25, Wide x 25, Diamonds x 25


Circuit of Pain- paired up (1 min, switch, 1 min)

Tractor Tire flips/ Walking Lunges w/ dumbbells

Farmer’s Carry / Bear Crawl

Pull-Ups / Inclined Rows

Dumbbell Burpees

Box Jumps/ Med Ball Toss

Back to Back Peoples Chair

Med Ball Sit-Ups


Modified Mary:

Dolly x 20

LBCs x 20

Figure 8 x 20

Running Man Crunch x 10

Obliques x 10 each side

Diamond Merkins x 25

Mason Twist to exhaustion


Naked Moleskin-Strong post on a heavy vaca week.  QIC had to bring the better half’s vehicle (Suburban) to tote all the play toys for the Pax.  Humidity felt like 100% and most were sweating just waiting for the Pax to show up.  Century set proved to be too short on time except for Run Stopper, believe he finished with a minute to spare, strong Brother.  QIC had to modify and direct the Pax a little as we couldn’t seem to rotate through the circuits in an orderly fashion…no problem, modifications are what Skunk Works is all about.  The referee whistle may have been a little too much.  Quarter Pounder though he was done with P90x but we had to bring it out on the modified Mary, nice work men on the Obliques and Mason twist….Tony would be proud.  All, be ready for Tiger Rag next week.  He’s had too much time to think while on vaca.  TR will have something good in store be certain of that.

Stone Cold


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