F3 Death Valley

  • When:06/13/12
  • QIC: Slapshot
  • The PAX: Callaway, Slapshot, Tiger Rag, Donkey Kong (RS), Harley, Lost Weekend, Countertop, Jamboree, Quarter Pounder, Jeff Lyon - FNG, Hoover, Mall Cop, Deep Dish

F3 Death Valley

Aye –

13 Faithful planted the vsf for this weeks installment of Death Valley –

The Thang:

Jog track

Side straddle hop x35

Imperial Walker x25

Shoulders (warmup)

Merkins x20

Jump squats x20


-Field Work-

Walking lunges

Bear crawl

80% runs


High knees

Butt kickers

Backward run


-1/4 Track work-

Merkins x20

Mountain climbers x20

LBC x20

Burpees x10


Wide arm Merkins x20

Squats x20

Scissor crunch x20

Burpees x10


Jumping lunges x20

Diamond Merkins x20

Flutter kicks x20

Burpees x20


Plankorama throughout / 6+ minutes of Mary

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