• When:06/09/12
  • QIC: Hoover, Harley
  • The PAX: Rick Knafelz (FIFO) Tom Croft (FIFO) Joker Custer Rob Carter Hops Jeff Jennings Brandon Feeney Greg Slayton Jamboree 89 Ocho Cinco Quarter Pounder Smash Stone Cold The Shore (RS) Callaway Slapshot Pretty Boy Quarterback Coach Tickler John Schrader John Reed Countertop Donkey Kong (RS) Runstopper Brian Buckler David Campe Eric Berner Ben Lacina Shamwow Shamwow 2.0 Kyle Johnson Jason Gudzunas Harley (Co-QIC) Hoover (CoQIC)

35 men planted the shovel flag at McKee Road Elementary for a downpainment on the weekend.

Hoover QIC

Warm up with 1.8 mile jog to Providence Road and back

Human Caterpillar pushup thing, needs some refinement

Burpee Pyramid

Wall Work

– Balls to wall x3

– Mountain climbers with feet on wall x20

– Decline Merkins on wall x20

Harley QIC

Mini Tabatas (20 sec on, 10 sec rest, x8)

– Jump Squats

– Mtn Climbers

– Sprints

6 Minutes of Mary – LBC, Rosalita, Low Flutter, Bicycle, Mason Twists, Planks, Peter Parker

Field Work – sprints, 50 percent, 100 , etc, backwards run

Star Fish (20 x at each pole)

– Scissor Crunches

– Squats

– Stagger Arm Merkins


– Burpees


Nice work to see lots of the rookies return from last week. Today was a full-scale beat down, keep coming back…it does get easier. Joker said this is where we discuss feats of strength in the Backblast…just finishing was strong. T-claps to Shore and Donkey Kong with the rucksacks and nice job to 12 year old shamwow 2.0, he has some wheels.


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