Swan Song

ByTiger-Rag Apr 24, 2015

Forty three men of action (and 1 FNG of intermittent action) descended upon Kevlar for one last romp in the knee high grass. Four Pax were there


Broad shoulders

ByBulldog Apr 17, 2015

22 pax including one FNG posted at Kevlar this morning for a mixture of bricks, tires, and sled work. THE THANG Jog down to lower lot SSH x 15


Taper? What Taper?

ByTurkey Leg Apr 10, 2015

Eleven men including one FNG gathered on a beautiful Friday morning to kickoff the weekend right with a taper-free workout going into the Mud Ru

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A veteran crew at Kevlar

ByBulldog Apr 3, 2015

15 fine men came out to Kevlar for a circuit training smorgasbord. THE THANG 10 burpees SSH x 10 IW x 15 Take a lap to dodge the trash cart 8 b


Cadence all the way

ByBulldog Mar 29, 2015

Counting to ten is hard. Remembering what we are counting is harder. 14 men resisted the fartsack to experience YHC virgin Q. Here's what went

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Deep burn at Kevlar

ByBulldog Mar 6, 2015

16 fine gents (including one FNG) appeared in the gloom for a Kevlar gear workout that worked the whole body. THE THANG SSH x 15 IW x 15 Merkin

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Oh. You are going to do those Burpees

ByRadar Feb 27, 2015

26 Strong today for Kevlar   Mosey down and around church lot and line up on hill  Warm up Run in place 1 min SSH 1 min High knees 1


Crispy Kevlar

ByBulldog Feb 20, 2015

12 men ventured into the frosty air for a good old fashioned Kevlar beatdown. THE THANG SSH x 15 IW x 15 10 burpees OYO Six inches Mosey to lo


The Kevlar Backblast

ByHorsehead Feb 13, 2015

Paraskevidekatriaphobia That's a mouthfull, supposedly an irrational fear of Friday the 13th. Definitely not my deal, since I have always loved


Stiff Upper Lip

ByTiger-Rag Feb 6, 2015

"You got a question?  You ask the 8 Ball."  David Puddy   "Will there be a Kevlar Backblast today?" It is certain It is decidedly so