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Dromedary WAMRAP

11 Pax showed up today for the Monthly Wednesday AMRAP at Marvin Ridge High School. 

Disclaimer and Safety instructions given at 5:29am, Lanternsand chalk-marked stations were already set out, so grab a Lifting Rock for 2 of the 7 stations and drop them. Time for a quick warm-up…SSH + Quad Stretch + Low Slow Squat + IPW + MTC. 


Here is what this quarter’s course and (7) Stations look like:

  1. Box Jumps/Step-ups x 20
  2. Merkins x 20
  3. Bicep Curls x 20
  4. Big Boy Sit-ups x 20
  5. Tricep Extensions x 20
  6. Heels-to-HeavenFlutter x 20 my bad on picking the wrong exercise
  7. 1 x Burpee per # Laps Completed


Everyone worked very hard today, and it is clear that the Pax is getting stronger, faster, more fit every month. The numbers have improved and there isn’t much of a gap anymore:

Dasher takes today’s title with 6.3 Laps completed! 

Centerfold = 6.2 Laps

Carb Load = 5.6 Laps 

The Knish = 5.3 Laps

Pocahontas = 5.2 Laps

Garbage Plate (2.0) = 5.2 Laps

Honeycomb = 4.6 Laps

Old McDonald = 4.4

Rudy = 4.3 Laps

Legalized = 4.3 Laps

The Grease Monkey = 4 Laps


Filling in to lead the WAMRAP is pretty easy.  I will step in to lead the first Monday of any month.  Thank you all for allowing me to lead what little I did today.  The thing I love about an AMRAP is 30 minutes of non-stop movement, there are no breaks.  Each person pushes as hard as they can for that time encouraging the rest of the Pax along the way.  Everyone crushed it today!  

Almost forgot to mention we lost Rudy for a bit. He went to the woods looking for a bear so we had to start without him. His numbers may have been a little low and he felt lighter in his shoes.

Have a safe fourth of July!  Enjoy your families, friends, and food.  

WUC – Nesbit tomorrow at 6:30 for a brutal 4thof July special.  Not sure where Deadwood came up with this insane idea.

Thank you Centerfold, for taking us out.  

Field Trip


Bottle Cap, Lazy boy (R), Strawberry, One Star, Dancing Bear, Foley (R), Fiji, The Haw (Blake Upchurch), Rubbermaid (R), Jingles, Cobbler, Short Sale (R), Dana, Good Fella, Centerfield, Over Draft (R), My Pleasure, Transporter, Swimmers, Boitano, Grease Monkey (R), Endo, Abacus (R) , Old McDonald (R), Tuck, Hollywood, Garbage Plate, Bounce House (2.0), Pocahontas, Soft Pretzel, Johnny Utah (R), Flipper, Sprinkles, Long Haul (R), Bratwurst, Heartbreaker, 


Not a professional 

Cell phone, CPR, Reflective gear check

Very large group this morning, 37 strong.  

Mosey to the globe to circle up.  The group was big enough for us to go around the world.  I actually thought about getting in the globe for warm ups but only for a split second.  Didn’t want to get stuck or break it and get kicked off Marvin campus.  


20 SSH – IC

20 Imperial Walkers – IC

15 Potato Pickers – IC

The Thang

Mosey to the neighborhood Rose Cliff (thanks Brat for correcting me).  I believe this is the first time going off campus at Marvin.  The first thing we did in the hood was cul-de-sac to stop sign which had a nice hill going both ways.  We did 10 single count speed skaters at one end, 5 burpees at the bottom of the hill, and 10 single count jump lunges at the other end.  We did down and back 5 time.  Well the lead group did it 5 times, everyone else stopped when they were done.  We had an FNG and some people that are not what you would say are runners.  They still pushed it hard.  There were few dogs we woke up this morning.  Was waiting for someone to come out yelling at us.  

We then moved on to the main stretch of the neighborhood to do 10 merkins and 10 CCD at each light pole to the end of the road.  In total I believe there were 6 lights.  On the way back it was 20 SSH and 10 LBC’s.  When we got back to the top of the hill, I heard someone, probably Good Fella say we had 8 minutes.  Oh crap! I was worried we wouldn’t be back on time.  Never pulled a Hooch.  We cut things a little short to head back.  I’m glad our FNG Haw kept working hard on the way back.  Next time we will need to check out the trail that connect back to the other side.  

Once we got back to the parking lot, we had about 2 minutes to spare.  The first group had to do 10 burpees at the top of the hill and the second group did 5 and the rest of us didn’t need to do any.  Not sure that’s a bonus.  I believe we made it back with 30 seconds to spare.  

For those of you that want to know, we covered 3.2 miles!


When Dana asked me to Q I was a little hesitant. I haven’t Q’ed much lately other than Clyent Dinner and I joked this morning about trying to retire from Q’ing.   Sometimes I struggle with putting together a workout that is good for the entire Pax.  Everyone is looking to get different things from F3 and that is ok. In the end you want people to be fulfilled in what keeps them coming back.  Hope the group of 37 got what they were looking for or even a little more.  I believe our group age range today was from 10yrs old to 62yrs old.

It was great seeing people I’ve never met or seen in a really long time like Strawberry and Heartbreaker.  It was really impressive to see “THE Haw” work hard on his first workout and not give up. He mentioned to Good Fella he was in the Marines and had let himself go.   Keep coming back it will get a little easier every week.  

Impressive to see all the “R’s” come out. 10 in total. I hope that I will be able to hang like those guys. Very impressive to see. #stayyoung #stayfit


F3 Dads camp – Already 370 tickets sold in 4 hours, just like a Justin Bieber concert. $100 per person.

Happy Birthday to my Mom!

Free Range Egg Sale by Old McDonald $5.00 a dozen

COT – Church on the Street the first Sunday of the month.  Great opportunity to serve.  See Strawberry.  

Dancing Bear and his daughter are collecting travel size shampoo and soap for shelters.  Great thing you’re doing!  Teaching a valuable lesion to your daughter.  

Thank you, Good Fella for taking us out!

Another Day in Paradise



Mosey over to the front of Dream Chasers to circle up

25 – SSH

10 – MTC

10 – Plank Jacks

10 – Imperial Walkers


The Thang:

The road beside Dream Chasers is .4 mile long with 3 cross roads (The road was well lit)

-run out with 5 burpees at 5 stops (Transporter smoked this section)

-run back with 5 burpees and 10 LBCs at 5 stops (Transporter and BC smoke this one)

-run out with 5 burpees, 10 LBCs, and 15 merkins at 5 stops

Mary while we wait for the six.


Head towards providence road.

10 squats on the corner. The cars driving by must have been saying to themselves what are those guys doing?   So, to make it even better we did 10 monkey humpers to put on a good show. Everyone got a good laugh out it.


We stopped at one of the business parking lots to for a little more work.

25 incline, decline, and reg merkins and 25 LBC’s


We headed back to get Transporters sweatshirt.  60 degrees out and he came with a sweatshirt.  While we waited we did some sort of mary on the corner.


With about 10 minutes to go we did 15 derkins, incline derkins, reg merkins, dips, and step ups.


Only 2 minutes of work left we did as many hot laps around the store fronts.


I was a little worried when I committed to Moneyball that I would Q on Nov 1st, is it going to be too cold, how to I backout if it’s in the 30’s.  Well it turnout to be a perfect morning for more the one reason! Must have been a late night for some of the normal PAX to not show up.  For those that did show up we had a kick butt morning and put is some hard work. Man, of the morning was Chainsaw, we all need to hope we can hang like him when we’re that age.  Doughboy mentioned that he may toss the merlot as one point.  Was trying to really hard to make that happen.  Saw Dana during trick or treat time and didn’t even recognize him in normal cloths.  Posse and Damascus were pushing hard the entire time as well.


See Bottlecaps post for new month-long challenge.


Keep Damascus’ son in your thoughts as he goes there a tough time.


Joe Davis Run 2019

3 mile run and 3 missing Pax

I haven’t been to Floater, but a few times and I knew I didn’t want to run the hill. Did some recon work last night and found a good spot that didn’t have a hill. Turned out better than expected with it being well lit.

We took off right at 5:30 (maybe 30 seconds early). In leaving the AO on time we left the late ones behind. Won’t mention names but there were 3 that did their own workout this morning.

Took off across 75 to the gravel parking lot behind Maxwell’s to do our warm-up.

SSH x 20 IC
Soldier Walk in place
Potato picker x 20 IC “a lot of hamstring stretches, there must be a lot of running”

The Thang
We mosey down a street on the other side of the tracks back an old school. Turns out there is a well lit track on behind the school. We did a jog around the track which is more of an Indy track than a nascar track. Once we got back to the start we partner up.

Lap 1
P1 run lap P2 Plank – flapjack

Lap 2
P1 run lap P2 Squats – flapjack

Lap 3
P1 run lap P2 Merkins – flapjack

Head up to the gravel lot for more work.
P1 incline merkin P2 run to the end of the lot
P1 decline merkin P2 “ “
P1 reg merkin P2 “ “

BC led some mary until the rest of us finished.

Headed back down to the track.
Slower guys went one way the other went the other way. We went for 2 laps. Every time we met we did the following:
10 t-merkins (fusebox special)
10 diamond merkins
10 wide arm merkins
10 reg merkins

Back to the gravel lot for partner runs
P1 single leg step up P2 run to the end and back x 4

Hollywood was doing the handrail shimmy until the Pax finished.

Started to head back
Plank at the stop sign. Run fast to the next stop sign then plank. Did it again to the next one.
Went back to the good side of the tracks for one last lap around the block with 1 minutes to go. Hollywood lead us in 40 IC heals to heaven.

Out of nowhere Posse, Jingles, and Cyrus come running around the corner. Since they were 30 seconds late they did their own workout or had coffee across the street. Not sure but they didn’t look sweaty.

Great job to the Pax for not complaining too much. We covered a total of 3 miles this morning.  Damascus game out of the gate strong, running upfront with the speedsters.  Of course Hollywood and Bottlecap pushed everyone around the track Lighten McQueen style.  Fusebox, I use the t-merkins in most of my workouts now.  Not sure I should thank you or hate you for that but it has been a good one.  I think BC and Dough were the only ones that didn’t struggle on the single leg steps ups.  Those were pretty big steps.  Good thing GF was not there today.  The carpool karaoke boys (Hooch and Longhorn) had to leave right at 6:14.  Good work gents.  I thinks I smelled some icy hot coming from one of them.   Foley it great to see you out here in the morning.  I hope can push it like that when I get the the respect years.  It’s always a pleasure leading a great group of guys.


Family F3 workout next Saturday at Cuthbertson.

Foley got his respect t-shirt. He’s 54 better late than never.

Keep Transporter and his family in your prayers.

Thank you Moneyball (I think) for taking us out.

Century Club with a twist



Quick lap around the parking lot to pick up Popeye.  We then headed to the back side of the school to do our warm-up.  Since we got a little run in it was quick.

SSH IC x 25

MTC IC x 20

Plank Jack x 20


The Thang:

Partner up with someone of opposite fitness levels.  There is an equalizer to those groups that get done first.

Round 1 (100 total Derkins)

P1 – Run to sidewalk by the busses (about 50 yards roundtrip)

P2 – Derkins until the total 100 completed

Round 2 (100 Dips)

Round 3 (100 Merkins)

Round 4 (100 Dips)

Round 5 (100 Incline Merkins)


For those the get finished first the twist is that you get to start all over again until the last group is finished with the 5 rounds.


Then we Mosey to the HS for Mary work.  As I mentioned I don’t like getting wet so I was sure to find some dry ground.  I am sure Moneyball was happy with that.  He ran out of his way earlier just to keep his shoes dry.


Round 1 (100 Sits-ups)

P1 – Run to the bottom of the steps and back (about 40 yards roundtrip)

P2 – Sit-ups

Round 2 (100 American Hammers)

Round 3 (100 Plank Jacks)

Round 4 (100 Flutters)

The first groups that finish start the cycle over until the last group is finished with round 4.

Finally we start heading back to COT to stop at the MS for leg work.

Round 1 (100 squats)

P1 – Run to the flag pole and back (about 60 yards round trip)

P2 – Squats

Round 2 (Peoples chair with 100 jabs)

Round 3 (100 jump squats)


Head back to COT for SSH IC x 25 to finish things off.



It has been about 7 months since my last Q.  Last night I was excited as if it were Christmas Eve and I knew Santa and his reindeers were coming in the morning.  I lost a little of the excitement when I woke up to rain.  Nobody likes presents in the rain but it stopped by the time Dasher landed at the COT.

I was fortunate enough to partner with the last person that didn’t have a partner which just so happened to be one of the people I admire most, ShopDog.  It has been a blessing that I have gotten to know you over the last couple years and to see our friendship grow and to see how your fitness level has changed over the years.

I saw that Doc mentioned something on the group chat about him being to SOFT.  He is spending to much time with SOB and Metro.  I also think he is turning into a “runner”.  Maybe we need to go back to having a gear workout so you can get some muscles back.

I have jokingly mentioned to many of you I have been coming once a week to keep my membership status active.  Last week I posted 3 times and this week Foundation asked me to Q today.  I can honestly say that I have missed being around you guys and seeing the friendships and bonds everyone has made over the last couple years.  The group chats are getting out of hand at the same time pretty funny.  It also great to see how hard people are working, Rockwell, Legal Zoom, Damascus, Bottle cap, and some of the new faces.

Extra Credit pre-run:

Doc, Transporter, Hollywood? (Great job “runners”)


Sanctuary Tonight – 7:30 – 8:30 (Lead by Shopdog)

Speed for Need (please donate)

Century Club

Pax of 22 got the beatdown of a century

Quick lap around the parking lot then back to the circle
SSH x 30 IC
Imperial Walker x 20 IC
MTC x 20 IC
American Hammer x 20 IC
Merkins x 10

The Thang
Mosey to the center section of the school by the parking lot
Partner up with person of opposite fitness level.
Every exercise is for the team to hit 100
P1 run to parking lot(long run) P2 Dips rinse and repeat till 100
P1 run to parking lot P2 Merkins rinse and repeat till 100
P1 run to parking lot P2 Box Jumps rinse and repeat till 100
Pistol LBC

Mosey to the front of the school
P1 run to flag pole(short fast run) P2 Peoples chair w/ shoulder press rinse and repeat till 100
P1 run to flag pole P2 Derkins rinse and repeat till 100
P1 run to flag pole P2 Peoples chair w/ jabs rinse and repeat till 100
P1 run to flag pole P2 Donkey kicks rinse and repeat till 100
Plank w/ should taps

Mosey to the high school stairs
P1 run to bottom of the stairs and back P2 plank rinse and repeat until each partner runs 3 times
P1 run to bottom of the stairs and back P2 up/downs(nice way of saying burpees) and repeat till 100
P1 run to bottom of the stairs and back P2 CDD rinse and repeat till 100
Cut this a little short to get back to AO

We got back to the AO with 1:30 to spare for a quick partner Mary.

That was a real beatdown. It was good to have ShopDog back in the house after his injury. He has some work to do to get back on track. He took 2 trips to the beach (I am sure there were several beer consumed) and his time at the Waxhaw Creamery (ice cream shop). I tried to get away with calling burpees up/downs, the Pax quickly caught on and were not happy they had to do 100 as a team. We had General and Fallout from Indian Land join us this morning. It was good to have Frack on the team when it came to Merkins and Derkins. By the time I got back from the run he had 65 our of the 100 already done. After the 6.5 mile train run yesterday Trolit (sp?) and Damascus still showed up with their A game. There was not a lot of chatter out of the group today, not sure they could catch their breath between sections. Thank you all for letting me lead today.

Damascus, thank you for taking us out today.

Ole MacDonald and the Mrs. are going to start a marriage/couple counseling session in the up coming weeks.

7 is the magic number

Pax of 21 Got their Monday started of right with a beatdown with the magic number 7.


Mosey to the front of the school along the way we did karaoke, backwards run until we hit the front.

Circle up:

SSH x 25 CI

MTC x 20 IC

Heals to Heaven x 20 IC

SSH x 20 double time

The Thang:

Mosey to the back side of the teachers parking lot to the 7

For 10 minutes we did as many rounds as we could complete

7 Clap Merkins

7 Knees to hands jumps

7 Squats

7 Burpees

7 Dips

7 Plank Jacks

80/100 yard run

The Pax completed 4 to 5 rounds.

Mosey down to the lower football field.  When I came out to do some scouting on Sunday I found a 3 person football sled and a good hill the HS XC runners use.

We broke off into groups of 3.  Each group had to push the sled 20 yards and back.

The rest of the pax did the following.

Run the hill (about 100 yards down and back)

7 Derkins




7 Burpees


7 Canoes,


7 Step ups

Once everyone finished the Blocking sled we did some planking to recover

We did another round minus the sled.

Once we finished that we heading back to the parking lot.  We finished with 20 seconds to spare.


What a workout today.  I don’t know about the rest of the Pax but my legs are feeling in already.  So I sent an hour on Sunday at CMS trying to find some new areas and come up with the workout plan.  I hope everyone liked it. 🙂  The Blocking sled took me back to those HS days, I remember now why I hated it some much.  Not sure how much Shop Dog like it.  I am pretty sure I saw him spilling the merlot or bourbon from the weekend.  We had an FNG (Ray Noonan) just move her from NJ 3 weeks ago.  Found out about F3 from the Lawson neighborhood website.  Ex-Football Center, lost 150 lbs last year.  Moneyball said he missed his Greensboro F3 buddies/sisters.  Frack was back from NY with bald head.  Must have been a rough trip.  It took Bottle Cap a little bit of time to get going this morning, once he got going he crushed it.  Damascus is fired up to do the next Spartan race.  Gerber blew by everyone on the way back to the AO.  We had a couple of our regulars stay in the fart sack this morning.


Spartan Sprint – Sept 10 – Ft. Bragg

Spartan Beast – Oct 29 – Between Charlotte and Columbia

YMCA Event at Camp Thunderbird – Contact Posse for the details or website

Beach Body Extra

Pax of 18 worked on their Beach Body!

Warm-up (Quick warm-up, there is a lot we need to get through)
SSH x 30 IC
MTC x 30 IC

The Thang
Mosey to the back side of the school for the main event.
Round 1
25 Merkins
25 Jump Squats
25 Dips
Run to the “out house” which is about 600 yards round trip
5 burpees

LBC while we wait for the six

Round 2
50 Derkins
50 Box Jumps
50 Dips
Run to the out house
10 burpees

Heals to Heaven

Round 3
100 Merkins
100 Squats
100 Dips
Run to the out house
15 burpees


Round 4
50 Derkins
50 Jump Lunge
50 Dips
Run to the out house
10/5 burpees

American Hammer

People’s Chair w/ Should Press 30 IC

Mosey back to the AO

Since we have a few minutes to kill
10 wide arm Merkins
10 diamond Merkins
10 Military Merkins

Bicycle 30 IC

I know we typically do a gear type workout on Friday’s but I wanted to change things up a bit. We did 255 merkins and covered 2 miles during the workout. It didn’t seem like that much running. Ops, I did say there would be much running. Bottle Cap, Land Shark, and Flipper led the charge during the first couple rounds of the merkin mania. With football season right around the corner I feel bad for Land Shark and Flippers teammates. They will be coming in ready to whip everyone else in shape. When I mentioned something about Beach Body, Dirty Bird said he was already ready for the beach. I love to see everyone working so hard and trying to get better at each workout. I do apologize that our FNG didn’t get the disclaimer at the beginning of the workout. They did show up a few minutes late and found us around the back side of the school.

Family workout on Saturday at 9:30 at Cuthbertson Middle. Wives, kids, and friends welcome. It will be a 30 minutes workout that will give everyone a sense of what we do at 5:30 in the morning. Hopefully they won’t think we are crazy anymore!

Spartan Super in Asheville August 6th. Sign up under competitive division and F3Nation team. Plan on going down the night before, not sure of the hotel plans yet.

Union County Q school is next weekend at Indian Land. Anyone thinking of stepping up as Q should think about going. We need more people stepping up to lead.

Thank you Shop Dog for taking us out.

Just another Monday

PAX of 19 had a Monday Morning good ole beat down.

SSH x 29 IC
Merkin x 14 IC
MTC x 19 IC
Plank Jack x 17 IC
IPW x 21 IC
I had to keep everyone guessing.

The Thang
I think everyone was thinking we were going to run a lot today. That is what I have done the last couple Q’s.
Mosey to the back of the school for a nice starter circuit.
100 Derkins
50 Side step-ups (L)
50 Side step-up (R)
100 LBC
100 Squats
100 Dips for extra Credit

Mosey around the bus lot heading towards the track.
Stop for some quick Mary while we wait for the six
American Hammer IC
Flutter IC

Mosey to a new spot on the backside to the track for Looped Hill runs around the trees.
Lap one run the hills with Bear Crawl at the top
Lap two run the hills with Lunge Walk at the top
Lap three run the hills with Crab Walk at the top
Lap four run the hills with Frog Jump at the top

If our legs weren’t feeling it enough we had seven’s next. I am glad it wasn’t a big hill.
Burpees at the top
Jump Squats at the bottom

Start moseying back with stops along the way to do the following:
Plank Jacks(I think)

The last 100 yards was a jail break back to the AO.
Just enough time for 20 Flutters IC

We continue to have a solid turnout on Monday mornings. I am glad these men like to get there week started off on the right foot. Hats off to a couple guys (Bottle Cap, Hollywood, Heisman) that really pushed the pax today. I don’t know Hollywood that well yet but will need to spend sometime there. He will be a good one to lead in the future. Bottle Cap has been pushing himself hard to lead the PAX in a lot of the running and exercises. I also had a chance to workout next to Dirty Bird during the circuit, he was giving it everything thing he had. Nice work! Doc was complaining about his wrist hurting from doing “something” this weekend. He got it an X-ray done at the Vets office. He may not be human after all. Short Circuit thank you for continuing to spread the work of F3. There where no 2.0 this morning. Must be getting the extra rest for EOG’s. Till next time.

Thank you Shop Dog for taking us out this morning.

Keep in simple 2.0 runner

Pax of 20 put a few miles in, 2.5 to be exact.  I am going to make runners out of this group.

SSH x 20 IC
MTC x 15 IC
Bicycle x 15 IC
SSH x 20 IC
Plank Jack x 15 IC
LBC x 20 IC

The Thang
Run to speed bump
25 Merkins
25 jump squats
Run to end of road
25 CDD
25 v-ups
No run back the the speed bump
25 Merkins
25 jump squats
Back to the start
25 CDD
25 v-ups

Plank while we wait for the six

Round 2
Speed bump
25 squats
25 merkins
End of road
25 yrd lunge walk
25 American hammers
head back to the speed bump
25 squats
25 merkins
Back to the start
25 yrd lunge walk
25 American Hammer

Round 3
Speed bump
5 burpees
end of road
5 burpees
back to speed bump
5 burpees

Wait for the six

Now we head to the spirit trail for the final .75 trail run

Back to the parking lot for 1:30 minutes of Mary

Even though we don’t have “runners”, there were a few folks that lead the pack, as usual Doc, then we had Bottle Cap, Hollywood, Hoops, and Flipper or Land Shark. I felt like the Pax was holding back on there dis-satisfaction of my runner workout, maybe that because they were to gassed to talk. There were several people including myself that must not have eaten well on Mothers Day due the gas being dropped all over the place.

Take out
Thank you Transporter! Good luck with the snip snip. You will come back next week being a new Man!