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Tracks Open

Ran progressions on the track and ran stadium


Everyone get credit.

Track is Wack

Warm-up Run

Original plan was to run Champion Forest today but we happen to run by the stadium and the gate was wide open so we did an audible.  Cobbler belts out “you can’t lose me on the track”.  Gerber gets excited to run on a soft surface.

The Thang

400, 400, 500, 600, 800, 400, 400, Bleacher run, 400


We were all a fan of the flat surface.  The Pax was not a fan of the bleacher run.  BC jumped the fence to get a head start and I had flash backs from the last time I lead bleachers.  Wolverine talks about all the records Kyle has on the big board. Proud Papa!  Crouton was looking to do some 100’s, maybe next time.  Sprinters are typically not fans of running and 800.  Smither’s was flying around the track today.  Heard him talking about his football day playing WR Center. Glory Days!  Of course KY was sliding all over the place today.  He even did some Yoga before heading home.

Thanks BC for taking us out

Peace out!


Old School

Showed up a little early to do some recon and found a little surprise for the group.

Since we had an FNG had to make sure we did the proper disclaimer.


Mosey down the path and did 5 burpees at the shed, did another 5 at the path, then another 5 at the roundabout .  A few stretches at the other roundabout.  Now lets get after it.


The Thang

We hit the bleachers for the 1st time in over a year.

Round 1 – 5 burpees at the top and 10 dips at the bottom

Wolverine crushed round 1 while the rest of the pax took it pretty easy. No names mentioned Easy & Gerber.

Ice 9 did the right thing by staying with his FNG

Round 2 – 10 BB at the top and 10 incline merkins at the bottom

Had a bunch of slackers other than Larry Bird.  YAC was yelling a few choice words.

Round 3 – Was to all out run

To make sure some were working hard the train was lead by EB, Wolverine, and Gerber with lots of yelling behind them


Hit a quick lap around the track to the pull-up bars.  YAC may have ran the 100 hurdles in a masters record.  Couldn’t get anyone else to follow suit.

We did 5 pull-up the 10 step-ups for 3 rounds

Mosey to the Shed, stopped 3 times to do 10 BB along the way.


So I heard Ice9 say yesterday what ever happened to the wheelbarrow.  Brought that sucker out maybe by mistake.

Did the length of the field switching as needed then we bear crawled back.  Yikes!

Then we did the width of the field for wheelbarrow and bear crawls.  Shoulders were roasted.

Slow mosey back to COT and did 10 BB and 30 sec of Good Morning!


I think Ice said it best a couple weeks ago.   There were some XXXXX in the group today and chose not to push it.  Kidding not kidding aside it was great to bring back some of the old school things back, get the shoes wet, and grass clippings everywhere.  Enjoyed the time leading the group.

Ghosted once again was dressed for 40 degree temps.  By mid next week he will be in a tank and 5 inch running shorts.  Clearly Wolverine hasn’t shared his famous runners what to wear guide.  Sugar is always a beast and is very inspiring to the many soon to be over 50 guys like myself.  Dunkin has been a regular since he started about 5 weeks ago and continues to improve and push him limits.

Welcome our FNG, Mistro to the group.  Once he gets his soccer legs back he will be right up front.  He coaches Ice and EB’s kids soccer team.  Think I heard them giving him tips on what the team needs.

Ran over by a train


Warm-up – 1 mile-ish warm-up

The Thang

400 – 90 sec recovery

550 – 90 sec recovery

700 – 90 sec recover

Rinse and repeat

We got 4 1/2 rounds completed

Easy 1 mile mosey back to COT

Total a little over 6 miles

Sugar Daddy was flying and Ghosted was moving.  One of these days it will be warm enough for him to show up in shorts.


WTF Event this Saturday

Saturday convergence at Blackhawk

New book starting next week at Asylum


Slow Pitch took us out like a professional

Doing it with the lights on

WTF Training Run 7 miles

Flip Phone and Robocall talked about real estate investments the entire run.  Flint, MI is where it’s at.

Kid Rock took off on the back side and left us in the dust.

Ran into our boys from Off the Chain

Rubbermaid brought the beers

Express Hit the Trails


Warm-up Run 1.5 miles

The Thang

Spirit Trail 5k pace x 5 w/ 90/120 rest

Lost Easy Button after the second round due to twisting his ankle.  Glidah carried him out.

Beetle took a tumble

Cool Down Run 1.0 – 1.25 miles


The morning started of with who hasn’t Q this month?  Good Fella was Qing Thursday and everyone else had except for Beetle who was an FNG yesterday.  He gladly stepped up to help lead with some guidance.

Mumble chatter consisted of should I refinance, take out equity, housing market.  There was also some complaining about getting mud on shoes.  Soft!

In COT he shared a quick story about where he’s at today and something the really inspired him to reflect on his own life.  I encourage you all to take a look at this story.

Bottlecap taking us out like a pro.


Flying By


Warm-up Run & stretching at HS spirit rock

The Thang

Mile time trial

On the way back spring 1 street light jog 1 all the way to traffic light.

Head over to HS lot and did 5 rounds suicide sprints out to each line job back.  Real killer!!!!

Mosey over to Rudy’s shed to do up 2 back 1 light run.


Great push everyone!



WTF (waxhaw trail fest) 5/1

Waxhaw clean up 4/17 following workout.

Over the Cold

So I purposefully didn’t sign up for any Q’s in April so I could be a last minute fill in.  Well I didn’t think that would happen on day 2 of the month.  Should this count as an April Q slot if you have a last minute back out? 100 burpee

Due to the wind and temperature not many people were getting out of their cars early.  First guy out of the car was FNG Dustin (Dunkin) for South Waxhaw.  Explained the 60 and 45 minute options, he chose wisely.



Lets mosey down to Rudy’s shed to pick up some rock and carry them over to HS path.  Leave for later. Keep going to Rocks at the Jungle.  Set out lifting rock, then head up to back of HS for a few warm-up exercises.

SSH x 20 IC

MTC x 10 IC

Plank Jack x 15 IC

BB x 10

The Thang

20 step ups run to wooden benches 20 incline merkins run to rocks for 20 curls run back to wooden benches for 20 dips.  3 Rounds

Back to the rocks to put them back them moseyed over to the HS stairs.  In the process we crossed streams with Zin and the Impromptu crew.

10 Mike Tyson at HS then down the path to the rocks from earlier for  20 shoulder press back to stairs 20 squats.  Repeat 3 times.

Once we put the rocks back we headed up to the from on the MS for bench hop overs while partner runs to curb and back.  Repeat 3 times

Mosey over by COT to one of the alcoves 10 donkey kicks and 10 derkins run to parking lot and back.  Repeat 3 times.

We have just enough time for BB and American Hammer Webb.  Got a chance to learn about our FNG during this time.  Cream Filled would have been a much better name than Dunkin.

Hit COT right on time!


Great to have Dustin join us this morning.  He fit right in and was able to hang with 60 minute BC.  Look forward to seeing him out again next week.

Our Respect (Sugar Daddy & Blue Screen) fellas are always pushing the limits of age.  You can always get a good laugh from BS sense of humor.

Schnitzel has been hitting all of the hour long workout for the last couple months and steadily moving up to the front of the Pax.

Gerber being Gerber is always out front and helping push the pax’s limit.

One of the things I realized at the beginning of the year through looking at some data on Strava was that my fitness level has went down a great deal the second half of 2020.  It was clear that I had not been working very hard and making excuses for myself.  Surprisingly its easy to do that and blame outside factors that you have no control over.  The fact is, it was a mindset for me.   I knew I had to make a change so I started to approach the workouts and how show up everyday.  Without knowing it there have been a few people (Gerber & Hurry) that have been big inspirations for me during this.   By making a few small changes in the way I think about workouts, health, and life I’ve been able to make big gains.  This year I will be hitting the big 50 and I don’t want that to be anything more than a number.



You on Q

Show up early to do a little scouting.  Wasn’t sure is the rain and lighting would hold off.

Disclaimer Given

Warm- up

Mosey over to second traffic circle



20 Plank Jacks IC

The Thang

Head down Waverly Walk Ave stopping at every light pole on right

20 SC speed skaters

10 squats

On way back

10 merkins

10 BB

Mosey over to parking deck on bottom floor peoples chair with should press, jabs, big birds

Since Camp Gladiator was on the bottom floor we chose to stay on 2, 3, and 4.  Big Tuna said to say away so we stayed away!

5 rounds

20 BB’s on floor 2

5 Burpees on floor 3

20 V-ups floor 4

Back down the stairs to repeat

To finish things off we did a little WAMRAP

10 Merkins and 20 America Hammers at the top and bottom of each ramp

Mosey back to COT for 45 second plank.  DONE!



It’s always great to workout with a Beast/OG/Legend like Snowflake.   He was one of my first F3 mentors.   Chipotle and Big Tuna talked about Weddington football the entire time.  Haven’t workout much with Spare Parts, he was gettin after it today.  Way to not let the rain, thunder, and lightning scare you off.





Warm-up mile with some stretching

The Thang

Roundabout slingshots

5 rounds 5k pace or faster down and recover jog back.  Hurry and Gerber got in an extra round

Run from roundabout up the outside lot hill to main entrance at 5k pace and recover job back.

4 rounds of slingshots

Run from roundabout up the outside lot hill to main entrance

3 rounds

Run from roundabout up the outside lot hill to main entrance

2 rounds

Head back to COT.  Had about 4 minutes left to run some loops around the lot.


So I pull into the parking lot at 5:05 and Popeye is already there.  Was he doing a pre-run?  Nope, just excited for another Express train ride.  As you all know he’s been riding the train for about 2 months now and has improved a ton.

The goal of today was to keep moving with very little stopping or resting.  Everything was an active recovery.

Was trying to help Gerber beat Hurry and a couple of the Slingshot rounds with a head start.  The problem was the Hurry’s recovery jog back was the same pace his 5k+ pace was.  Both of those guys got 8+ miles.

Chastain is ready to run with the big DOGS, he’s just not ready to commit to that yet.  He also out ran Hurry up the yellow brick road at the end.  He also showed up late and had to come find us.  Good thing we stayed on campus.

Chicken was getting jealous of all of us jumping the fence today.  He thought it might be a secret “runners” only thing so he had to check it out for himself.  Chicken, your not allow to talk about what you saw.

Fusebox kept it moving today.  All the running makes the bootcamps easier.

Easy Button’s calf was bothering him today so he was taking it easy sharing Pinterest recipes in the back.

Pre-mature had a blast at the Rooster and wants more running.



CPR – see Surge

WTF – May 1st