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50% legs


  • Cell phone
  • CPR
  • Modify as needed
  • Not liable for stupidly



Mosey to front of HS for warm-up.

SSH x 20 IC

MTC x 20 IC

Plank Jack x 20 IC

Imperial Walker x 20 IC


The Thang

Mosey to backside of Monkey Island (that is the island between HS and football field)

4 laps around the island

200-meter run

25 dips on wood benches

200-meter run

15-yard walking lunges

Pick up the six and head to the next spot.


Mosey down to Rudy’s shed

4 laps from Rudy’s shed to the walkway to the HS

Run to walkway

40 single count American Hammers

Run back to shed

25 peoples chair should press (some of grabbed some bricks)

Plank for the six


Mosey up to the MS picnic tables

3 rounds of

10 step ups

10 incline merkins

Run to first corner for 5 Mike Tysons

There were a few of us that finished all 3 rounds while others started to freak out about the time and headed back.  Been doing this awhile and know how to keep track of time and get the PAX back on time.

The Pax covered between 2.5 and 3.5 miles.  Good distance for a 45-minute bootcamp.  Shoot the boys at Ignition only got in 4.5 miles.

Great having Kid Rock join us today and that his new job will allow him to workout out with us more.   I believe I saw Rockwell and Chicken Little racing each other up the hill a few times.  There could have been others as well.  Great job having an accountability partner.   Mad props to our double respect Chainsaw for being out in gloom most mornings and throwing down a good workout.



Blood Drive

Saturdays IPC will be at CMS


Thanks to Bottlecap for taking us out!

Say What

After completing the weekly IPC Relay the Swarm group headed out.  A couple of the usual Swarm participants decided to hang back for Impromptu and Deadwood started with us and bailed 2 minutes into the run.

Headed down past Rudy’s shed over the the HS for warm up.  Had the jump the fence for my normal morning #2.  Hollywood lead the warmup

Did 3 rounds of round about work, supines at one end and squats at the other

Moseyed over the the HS parking lot for 4 rounds of star fish

Front of the HS for 5 lunges at each light pole

The problem with doing a BB the following week is I don’t remember any of the stuff we did.  Getting old is my excuse.

Now that IPC is in full swing I’ve realized we don’t include enough leg exercises into our workouts so I’ve made a commitment to do 50% legs in each of my workouts moving forward.

Another day another dollar

DiCCS + proper social distancing



Mosey around the school to the back entrance of the HS.  Planked while waiting for everyone to catch up.

SSH x 15 IC

MTC x 15 IC

Plank Shoulder taps x 15 IC

Plank Jack x 15 IC


The Thang

Mosey to the side cove of the MS for 3 rounds of people chair jabs x 15 IC and shoulder press x 15 IC.  Then we did 3 rounds of feet on the wall shoulder taps x 15 IC and 15 Big Boy sit ups x 15.


We finished heading around the MS to the HS student parking lot for 2019 IPC week 0 workout.

24 Merkins

24 Squats

48 single count lunges

Run 400 meters

Rinse and repeat 6 times


Headed back to COT for some killer Mary

10 American Hammers IC

10 V-Ups IC

10-Big Boys IC

Rinse and repeat 2.5 times



Great workout by the PAX today.  Not many are fans of the pre-IPC workouts I’ve been leading the last couple weeks.  If we don’t push ourselves, we won’t get any better.  Typically, don’t get out to Dromadary as much as I would like so it was good to see some different PAX members.



Open Door

8:00am Saturday and Sunday via Zoom

7:30 Sunday in person (see Bottlecap for details)


2nd F at Old Meck Brewery 8/15 7:00 pm


Labor Day 1-year anniversary convergence 9/7 at Cuthbertson Middle School

Time and details will be out shortly

Waxhaw Spartan Race

WOW!!!  This event was a great success and I think we can all attribute it to all of us being a part of F3.  We only know how to do things one way and that’s Kick Ass!  From the planning, set up, and our efforts in pushing through when we thought we couldn’t.


There were 31 racers, 7 mashers/helpers, and 2 FNG’s.



Cell phone, CPR, F3 or Cuthbertson Liable, and are we ok with everyone starting together.


Warm up

Mosey around the soccer field

Circle up

SSH x 20

MTC x 18

Calf Stretch (EB)

Hip stretch


The Thang

We all headed over the starting line for the launch.  Posse was our official timer and Ipad in hand.  Bang!  Off we went up the path and since Tobi was taking pictures the PAX took off at a blistering 5:30 pace.  The camera always adds to the adrenalin.  Gotta look good in front of the camera.


We darted down behind the retention pond to the first obstacle, the Zig Zag hill run.  This ended up being the only part of the course that had mud which was unfortunate.

Up to the spirit trail we went.  This is when things started to thin out a little.  On the back side of the trail was the 40yrd Lunge walk.  As we headed back to the exit of the trail, we had our 3rd obstacle, 20 Bomb Jacks.  As we exited the trail and followed the tree line, we came upon the suicides station.  Once that was completed, we continued to follow the tree line to the crazy cabin guys house for our first non-running/leg exercise.   By this point my legs were felling a little beat.  40 Merkins then into the first of 2 Bush whacking runs.

The leaderboard was pretty tight with Wolverine leading the charge and Hollywood, Squeegee, Easy Button, Kid Rock, Transporter and myself right there.  Popped out of the woods for 100 SSH, now that took much longer than I thought, and it was hard to count that high while trying to breath.  Back to the woods to the HS spirit rock for 40 Dips on the curb.  The 25 Mike Tyson’s station is where Wolverine started to pull away from the rest of the pax.  Around to the bus lot and MS for Bunny Hops and Up and Over tables.  Looking back that was the break before things got really tough.  The Army crawls across the field was the one station I didn’t realize would hurt that much.  I tried to grab Kid Rocks foot to slow him down, that didn’t work.  Then came the gauntlet of Burpee Ladder 1,2,3,4,5, 100-yard Coupon Carry, and 100-yard Bear Crawl.  All I could hear was “Brock your almost there”, “don’t stop”, “keep moving” and “don’t quit”.  In case you don’t know the movie clip.

We all know the school campus so well but not many knew about the back trails.  When it rains they are usually under water.  Not gonna lie I has hopping for rain to help with the “Spartan” race feel.  We did a quick 25 Donkey Kicks before heading into the non-muddy trail.  Popped out of the wood for a BONUS 50 Merkins.  Bonus does not mean optional.   All I know is Easy Button ran right by it before I yelled at him that it was not optional.  Based on Recalc’s GM post on Saturday there may have been more people that skipped the Bonus.  The hill coming out of the woods was long and tough.  Not sure about the rest of you but I could hardly breath for the last Gauntlet of 25 Curls, 25 Shoulder Press, and 25 Swings.  Sprint to the finish line.


The course ended up being a little over 3.5 miles.


Hats off to Sledge-O-Matic for pushing through when I’m sure he didn’t want to.  He had his brothers right there with him pushing and motivating him.


Be on the lookout for the next event in 6 to 8 weeks.  Planning committee already has a few ideas.  There will be a return of the Waxhaw Spartan in the fall.


Thank you: 

Easy Button, Glidah, Deadwood, Kid Rock, Wolverine for planning and set up


Tobi (Down Pour’s wife) for pictures.  Will be posted on her website this week at


Blue Screen, Kid Rock, Easy Button, Shop Dawg for donating bananas, water, coffee, and donuts


Posse and Centerfold for helping with time and field directions


Also want to throw a shout out to Centerfold for his custom coupons.  The work you have done is amazing.  The Pax are greatly appreciative of the thought and effort you put into a $1.92 cinder block.

F3 Waxhaw Spartan Pre-Blast

About a month ago I saw the real Spartan was putting on a virtual race. After looking it over I said that’s pretty weak and our PAX can do one better than that. So, the wheels started spinning. First person I reached out to was our resident Spartan expert Kid Rock; his response was “I was thinking the same thing”. Here we are today.

Why Not! Let’s have some fun, break up the routine a little and continue blazing the trail for F3 Waxhaw.

The course will be 5k ish in total distance with 20 pain stations along the way. Keep in mind that the course will be mainly grass and trails (could be muddy so dress accordingly). We don’t want Moneyball complaining! 2.0 are welcome; however, I would recommend middle school and above or if you have a Speed Bump kid. Use your best judgment.

The course map and exercises were posted on GM. Everyone will find out details of pain stations when you get to each station (all are reasonable). Gotta be some element of surprise!
Each pain station will be marked with an orange cone and a sign/description of the exercise.
The course will have flags marking the way.

We get up every morning to do what? Get better, stronger, be with the boys and have fun! Joining the Convergence on Saturday will be a great opportunity to do all those things.

We are going to keep time in case we decide to do the event again in the fall and PAX want to compare old vs new time.

*Good attitude
*Wiliness to push yourself to be uncomfortable

Other important items
Parking at Rudy’s shed
Start time is 7:00, be there 15 minutes early for instructions and set up
Bring a chair for 2F
Stick around to help clean up the course
Bathrooms are locked

Coffee – Provided by Shop Dog
Donuts – Provided by Blue Screen
Bottled Water – Provided Easy Button
Bananas – Provided Kid Rock

Hump Day!!!!!!

Warm-up lap with Sprinkles and Good Fella to get the blood flowing and legs loosened up.


Start with a mosey around the HS to the backside with 25 SSH. The kept moving to the side of the MS for 15 MTC, 15 Plank Jacks, and the newly named Easy Button exercise also known as calf stretch. Then we head to the back of the MS to the picnic tables.

The Thang
Round 1
10 step ups or box jumps
10 Derkins
10 Dips
10 In and outs
Run lap around track with 5 burpees ½ way

Round 2
15 of each exercise

Round 3
20 of each exercise

Round 4
25 of each exercise

If you’re the first ones done, you get to start over with Round 1. A few people got to complete a 5th round.

We moseyed over to the HS for some laps with Lunge Walk and Soldier Walks at each end. Intention was to do 4 rounds. Based on time we cut it down to 2 laps so we could finish with the punisher.

Moved over to the student lot for the line of trees. Alternate 5 hand release merkins and 10 squats at each tree.

I didn’t realize there were so many timekeepers. This is not my first rodeo fellas and I know how to keep time on the watch I wear. Now if it were Hooch Qing I would understand. All jokes aside good work fellas.

100 PAX Challenge is up to $7500ish. Looking for corporate match programs and there is a match for the next ten $100 pledges.

F3 Waxhaw Spartan Race
June 27th 7:00am
5k with 20 workout stations
Please let us know if you can make it on GM playhouse and news channels calendar invite

Swarm meets Waxhaw Express

Swarm meets Waxhaw Express

Was a little concerned when I put it out that the first part of Swarm would be a 2.5 mile run on who would attend. We got a couple takers in Goodfella and Rubbermaid, great to have you guys join us. Pretty sure Rubbermaid has already run a couple more times today. Goodfella was hangin strong for the first mile then I heard some rumbling of that’s enough at this pace.

I’ve heard a few people mention this over the last couple weeks about how this weekly virtual race has brought a group of people together to push ourselves and each other beyond our comfort level and accomplish things we wouldn’t have thought possible. We have more to accomplish so keep it up. It’s great to be able to share this with my F3 brothers. Wolverine, thank you (I think) for helping set the tone and tricking us into new heights.

Cryo and compression boots didn’t help recovery for Deadwood, he went out in typical DW fashion. Pretty sure he led the group at the mile mark then around the 1.75 mark he hit the wall.

Gladah the sprinter has some distance speed to him. Next week will be the big test as we have a 5 mile run.

To our hurt Easy Button and our lone wolf Hollywood, we missed you guys. Hollywood, based on your time you could have used the group push. EB take care of that calf.

Can’t forget to call out Gerber for be our 3.1 mile runner while the rest of us ran 2.5 miles. He had an 18 sec PR and didn’t have his pacer speedbump with him. Can’t slow down now because you need to run 6 next week while the rest of us do 5 miles. 😉

After we got a chance to catch our breath and compare times, we had more work to do. Grumbles came from the Pax as some were ready for coffee and donuts. We stayed in the HS parking lot did some curls, shoulder press, triceps, and ab work. In between sets we ran across the parking lot and back. Started heading back and stopped at Rudy’s for a donkey kick/shoulder press web. We got in over 5 miles today for each person. Great work everyone!

Gerber – 3.1 mile run
5/15 – 6:10 pace 19:09 race time (PR 18 sec)
4/25 – 6:16 pace 19:27 race time

Wolverine – 2 mile run (not on our team)
5/15 – 6:10 pace 15:26 race time (different course)
4/25 – 6:05 pace 15:15

Bottlecap – 2 mile run
5/15 – 6:14 pace 15:39 race time (PR 6 sec)
4/15 – 6:17 pace 15:45 race time

Hollywood – 2 mile run (Lone wolf)
5/15 – 6:17 pace 15:49 race time
4/25 – 6:10 pace 15:32

Easy Button – 2 mile run
5/15 – IR
4/25 – 6:36 pace 16:37 race time

Glidah – 2 mile run
5/15 – 6:30 pace 16:25 race time (PR 12 sec)
4/25 – 6:36 pace 16:37 race time

Dasher – 2 mile run
5/15 – 6:32 pace 16:25 race time (PR 36 sec)
4/25 – 6:47 pace 17:01 race time

Deadwood – 2 mile run
5/15 – 6:44 pace 16:53 race time
4/25 – 6:37 pace 16:33 race time


After a pretty intense Sunday running and MTB with Wolverine I wasn’t sure if I was going to be up for the Q this morning. Foam rolling, CBD Recovery, pre-workoout drink and out the door we go. Of course I get there and Hollywood is already out running. Not sure how much he ran first.

DiCCS given and we headed out about 30 seconds early and Bottlecap come flying in as we’re headed around the corner. He caught up pretty quickly.

A quick mosey over the the HS parking lot next to drivers ed cars.
SSH x 30
Calf stretch

We did a preview run of the course we were running 800, 400, and 200’s which was around the outside of the HS parking lot towards roundabout then all the way around the wooded island. Pulled some smaller rocks the the curb for later. Back to the driver ed cars to start.

The Thang
Round 1
800 meter run – The usual suspects of Wolverine, Hollywood, Transporter to off like a bat out of hell. Gerber was feeling a little QUAD soreness so not his usual self. We finished the 800 at the rock pile so we could do Mary with rocks, Hammers, Big Boys, V-up, J-Lo, and side planks

400 meter run – Carb Load and Bottlecap up front with the normals. We finished the 400 at the rock pile so we could do Mary with rocks, Hammers, Big Boys, V-up, J-Lo, and side planks. Once we recovered we ran a second 400.

200 meter run – Smithers and Foundation were much stronger in the sprints. Since Smithers lost all that weight he’s light on his feet. Great push. We finished the 200 at the rock pile so we could do Mary with rocks, Hammers, Big Boys, V-up, J-Lo, and side planks. Once we recovered we ran a second 200.

Round 2
800 meter run – The LRC group of Deflated, Foundation, Smithers, and we can’t forget about Rubbermaid were steady and started to gain on the front guys. We finished the 800 at the rock pile so we could do Mary with rocks, Hammers, Big Boys, V-up, J-Lo, and side planks. This is when Bottlecap started to do his own exercises

400 meter run – As you get older you get wiser they say. Recalc knows how to get a head start as you start to explain the round. If you’re not cheating your not trying. We finished the 400 at the rock pile so we could do Mary and I added in some curls to mix it up. Once we recovered we ran a second 400.

200 meter run – The last 200 we let Colbbler get the to top of the hill before everyone took off. I think there were few guys that caught him. We finished the 200 at the rock pile so we could do Mary and added some curls. Once we recovered we ran a second 200. A little chatter started about not doing any merkins.

Start heading back the back way with 8 or so minutes to go. We stop at Rudy’s shed and I hear the time keeper “3 minutes to go”. Not like we don’t all wear watches. We did 5 big boys at each light and Bottlecap once again decided to do his own thing and do merkins. Had to get those merkins in while the rest of did a merkin free workout. Don’t worry Zin I won’t leave you out. Thank you for being the time keeper and most of all thank you for keeping all that we do light hearted.


Gladiator – This Saturday at Cuthbertson led by Zin

Speed for Need on the 21st in Ballantyne

Please keep the families mentioned this morning in your prayers.

Black Ice

Since Gerber has been bugging me about a BB he must want to see his name mentioned or he wants his participation trophy.

Mosey over to the back of the HS for some stretching warm-up. Keep it simple today.

The Thang
20 step up on the bench. Gerber and Hollywood go one way around the jungle island and Hooch and I went the other way. When we met up, we did 10 of a call exercise then back to the benches. Of course, Hollywood and GERBER beat us back every time. We did that 4 times.

Over to the track we mosey. Start with the bleachers skipping every other secetion with lunge walk and bunny hops between. Then run around the track to the pullup bars for 5 pullups. Once we got back to the steps to go back to the bleachers, we would circle back to pick up the six. We did these 4 times with 20 incline merkins, dips, and big boys replacing lunges. Forgot to mention Gerber did a great job again.

Start heading to the front of the HS and we stopped at each light pole for 10 runners bridge. Made it most of the way back before we had to call it and get back to COT to meet up with a small Impromptu group.

The only way I was able to slow down Hollywood and Gerber was to run bleachers. Gerber shared that some of his speed has come from foam rolling every night for the last 6 months.

Hooch doesn’t make to as many workouts as he would like but he’s putting in the miles every week on his own. It would be easy for him to skip all those days and he choose to get up early to put in the work. Great discipline Hooch!

Your biggest fears are opportunities for your greatest growth. Embrace the fear!

See Impromptu for announcements.

Slippery when wet

9 Men braved the rain and lighting this morning for gear workout that got the heart pumping.

Since it wasn’t raining when we started we took a lap around the block then stopped by the car to get some Kettlebells. Not the kind of KB Bottlecap uses. Down for some covering at the church pavilion.
SSH x 30
MTC x 20
Squats x 20

The Thang
Not the typical workout I like to lead so we made the most of it. The floor was a little wet and really slippery. KB and DB are courtesy of a collection from Transporter, Frack, and myself.

KB Swings
Tricep Ext
Goblet Squat
Shoulder Press
Standing Row
American Hammer
Big Boys

Reps & Rounds
30 – 25 – 20 – 15 – 10 – 5
1 burpees after each exercise in round 1
2 burpees after each exercise in round 2
you get the point after each round we add 1 more burpee

I was thinking we could get through most if not all of it. I miss judged how hard it would be. We skipped 15 rep and 5 rep rounds. We ended with 60 seconds of burpees. Still can’t believe some our normal pax went to another state for a workout. Your loss I guess!

I had Glida and Transporter on each side of me slinging around the 40lb KB like cupcakes.

After Shake n Bake’s nasty fall at morning wood yesterday he came with his positive can do attitude today.

Haven’t seen Dana in a while so it was good to have him back.

I’m sure it was hard for Foundation to be at a workout without one of his LRC mates. I think he felt out of place.

Zin it’s always good to see you working hard and keeping the mood light hearted for the group.

Merlot was talking about the size of his KB and why it was so hard then realize he had one of the 40lb KB. Nice work today!

Gerber was also feeling out of place with a workout that was under a mile in distance. He was ready to go with his vest raincoat. I’m sure he will make up for it tomorrow at Swarm.

It’s a pleasure leading such a great group of guys. You all are the ones that make getting up at 4:30 easy. The workout is just an added benefit.

Everyone gets a trophy for showing up today. Good job guys, we’re all winners today!

Q School Saturday 6:30 at Cuthbertson

Keep Doc in your prayers as he continues to heal

Shopdog moving this weekend. Will need help loading Apt in Stonecrest and unloading in Millbridge. Starts at 8:30. Good to have Shop back in the area.