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So have you heard the one about 2 Cooters at The Fishing Hole? Well, here it is. Though most may believe The Fishing Hole maybe secret but at least 4 knew about this spot in which all leave as better men.


15x Side Straddle Hop, 15X Imperial Walker, 15X Hillbillies, 15X Mountain Climbers, 15X Peter Parkers, 15X Parker Peters.


Grab cinder blocks out of the back of the truck. Luggage carry to bottom of the parking deck. Round 1 of 5: with cinder blocks 20x Shoulder Press, 20x Curls, 20x Tri-cep Curls, 20x Squats. Run up steps to the top level across the deck to the stairwell on the other side, run down steps and back to the starting point. Do that 4 more times to total 2 miles. Earned the ultimate compliment that every Q seeks; according to Frehley’s Comet, I suck. Kirby reminded me that he needs some core work so 15x LBC, 15x American Hammer, 15x X&O. Carry cinder block overhead to concrete benches; 20x Stepups, 20x Dips, 20x Derkins, 20x Inclines. Luggage Carry cinder blocks back to COT.

Kirby it was great to see you after your recovery hiatus. Frehley as always pushed it hard and made me work harder.

So back to 2 Cooters at The Fishing Hole. Somehow same way two of us were anointed with the same prestigious F3 name. Since I had it first or maybe its because I’m a lot older I’m Old Cooter. So Young Cooter is under medical recovery and it would be really easy just to fart sack but no he doesn’t do that. He shows up when its exercises he can do he does it, when he can’t he modifies. When Q says fast mosey he does slow mosey but he stays the course. Now that’s real inspiration there.

So in South Charlotte a few guys have started a roving AO called MASH. If the PAX is recouping from injury they show up at a fixed AO site and do their own modified workout trying to follow as close as possible the called exercises by the Q. If your leading exercises and MASH shows at your AO you don’t need to change your whole routine but maybe modify so you can loop back to these guys so they feel included. Provide encouragement to them. Its hard when you have had an injury and the easiest thing to do would be fart sack but these guys push ahead and that should inspire the rest of us to work even harder! Thanks Young Cooter, a true HIM!

Backblast Ascent: Wow!! My Numbers Have Doubled!

We’ve all been there when the weathers been bad or other circumstances have caused most us to fartsack instead of show up for a workout. Leaving the Q all alone or just 1 other pax . Well the last few times I’ve Q’ed Ascent it was just me and faithful Costanza, which by the way has led to some great F2 workouts. Just as I was expressing my developing inferiority complex due the lack of pax to boss around, here rolls into the parking lot Runstopper and shortly after Sprockets! Doubling my typical Ascent numbers. (Full disclosure they went to Rock Zero but that AO was closed today in order to support the Joe Davis Run. Fortunately for me these 2 didn’t get the memo and just had to work out even if it meant showing up to Ascent.)

So here’s the thang. Yes we did manage to start on time.

15 SSH, 15 IW, 15 Hillbillies, 20 Front/ Both Sides/ Back Lunges, Round of Jack Web. Mosey to front benches 10 Step-up Squats, 10 Dips, 10 Inclines. Run across front of school to repeato the bench work. Run through Old Providence Neighborhood stopping at each pole for merkins starting with 25 and decrease by 5 each pole. Stop at bottom of hill for ladder work; run to top, then Runstopper and Sprockets 10 BURPEES/ 2 LBC, Costanza and me 10 Jump Squats/ 2 LBC; each round decrease/ increase by 2. Run back out of neighborhood at each pole Monkey Humpers starting with 25 decreasing by 5 each pole. Back to bench work but 15 of each this time. (It was at this time Sprockets mistook me for one of those Floridians since it was so swampy around the benches.) To school house wall for People Chairs with Arm Raises while each pax would take turns doing 10 Mike Tysons for 2 rounds then Balls to the Wall doing 20 Hip Slaps. Run back to the starting point for Mary, Calf Raises and Sprints to run out the time.

TAPs for Runstopper and his wife, Jenea. She’s to have surgery this week. Thanks Sprockets for taking us out.

Preblast: Ascent 3/9/19

Rain what rain! As of now the weather forecast has the rain stopping at 6:59 AM and should be dry as the Sahara by 7:00 AM, and if it’s not you could probably stand to get wet anyway. Old Cooter has Q tomorrow at Ascent, come on out and make your self better for it! And remember moderate don’t mean easy!

Preblast: February Heatwave at The Fishing Hole

QIC, Old Cooter, has the Q at The Fishing Hole this Thursday. Lets see how hot we can make it!

You think they might be getting bread and milk?

Even though there were colder temps last Saturday, there had been a good showing of 14 pax, so there was a strong expectation of a good turn out today.  I arrived at 6:50 giddy with excitement that I was about to have the opportunity to inflict pain upon my F3 brothers in order to make us all better men. It was a comfortable 41 degrees, overcast but dry; rain didn’t start until later in the morning. Perfect for working out once you get moving. Costanza rolls in at 6:57.

In wonderment we asked each other, “Where’s everyone else? They must be getting bread and milk for the impending snowmageddon.” So the watch tolls 7:00am and we must begin promptly with or without any additional pax. So here’s the Thang:

20x incadence; SSH, IW, HB,  MC, Peter Parker, Parker Peter.

Mosey onto short track; Bear Crawl backwards, BC forward, Lunge forward, Lunge backward.

To the benches by faculty parking: 10x Step-up squats, Dips, Derkins, Inclines.

Quick pace to back playground for 5x slow release pull-ups.

Onto benches by bus parking lot for more bench work.

Run to Old Providence Neighborhood. Each light pole start with 10x merkins decreasing by 2 each pole.

Hill work; 2x Heels to Heaven at bottom increasing by 2. Top of hill 10x Burpees decreasing by 2 each round.

Run back out the neighborhood; each pole 10x Monkey Humpers.

Bench work.

Slow release Pull-Ups.

Bench work.

15x Calf raises; Out, Straight, In.

Thanks Costanza for giving me the opportunity to Q. Enjoyed the F2 along with F1. Hope everyone has plenty of bread and milk for Snowmageddon.

Hoover has Q next week, should be a good one! Costanza needs Q’s for 12/22 and 12/29. If your looking for an opportunity to improve your Q’ing skills and make your F3 brothers better, then please contact him at

Preblast: Ascent December 8, 2018

Old Cooter is up for Q tomorrow at Ascent. (Prayers and blessings to Young Cooter.) By rain or by sweet be prepared to be wet! Don’t worry about the cold. I’ll keep us moving so it should be HOT!

Fall has arrived at Ascent

Has the hot weather from summer finally disappeared? Arrived at the AO 6:50 at a cool 55 degrees and Snoopy was already there, that’s some kind of dedication! Or maybe he’s an insomniac? Stretched while waiting for the other PAX to pull themselves out of their fartsacks but it must have been to cold for them? Or maybe their power is still off from Hurricane Michael and they can’t get their alarm clocks working? As all dedicated Qs do started on time with the disclaimer and dived into the warm ups.

10 each SSH, IW, Hill Billies, Mt Climbers, Peter Parker, Parker Peters them moseyed from parking lot to track and proceeded with Bear Crawl, Crab Walk, Backward Lunge then Forward Lunge.

Onto the thang: proceeded from track to nearby benches for 10 each of stepup/squats, dips, derkins and incline merkins. Run to back playground for 5 slow 5 count pull ups. From there to benches right of the school for more bench work. Ran to Old Providence Neighborhood stopping at each light pole starting with 10 merkins down by 2 at each pole. Hill work 10 burpees bottom of hill decrease by 2 each lap and 2 LBCs top of hill increasing by 2. Out of neighborhood stopping at each pole 10>2 squats. Bench work right of school run to do more bench work left of school. Find a nice clean curb for calf raises 10 each in, straight, out then 10 Mike Tysons repeat calf raises to MT. A little Mary with Oblique Crunches, Dollies, Rosalitas and Flutters. Phone showed we went about 2.5 miles.

Weather was perfect for an intense beat down, so all of you that thought it was to cold you were wrong. Anybody who couldn’t get your alarm clock working because the power was out, buy a clock that uses batteries.

Great 2nd F with you Snoopy while doing the 1st F.



Where’s Gullah?

It was a wet gloomy morning and the Substi Q thought no one would show. With a lack faith, a prayer was sent up requesting the rain would stop long enough for a serious workout and that pax would show for a beatdown. Sure enough, the rain stopped and within a few minutes til 7 am three pax showed stumbling out of their clown car. With great exclamation, all were welcomed as I stepped from my truck. Moon River responded with a “Where’s Gullah, isn’t he the Q ?” Me; “He’s out of town.” MR; “You sure?” Me; “Yeah, because I begged him to let me be Q!” MR; “Need us to unload the kettlebells?” Me; “No KBs needed I brought my own toys.”… Shock and dismay among the pax, NO GULLAH AND NO KBs!!!

From that correspondence, YHC went into the disclaimer and proceeded with the beatdown.

SSH x 20, IW x 20, Hillbillies x 20.

2 laps around short track. Mad showed up as first lap was started. He made up for it by going back and forth to his car a couple of times.

Run backward 1/2 track. Lunge 1/2 track. Side to side facing in 1/2 track. Side to side facing out 1/2 track.

Find a dry spot under the covered walkway. LBC x 10, Right Oblique Crunch x 10, flapjack to Left x 10, HTH x 10.

Mosie to benches at left side of school. Step ups with low squats x 10, dips x 10, incline merkins x 10, derkins x 10.

Run ayg to benches right of school. Repeato on bench work.

Dryspot under covered walkway. LBC x 10, Right Oblique Crunch x 10, flapjack to Left x 10, HTH x 10.

Metal plates lined across parking lot each pax chooses a plate either 45, 35 or 25 lbs and push plate across parking lot x 3. After each crossing run a lap around the parking lot.

Dryspot under covered walkway. LBC x 10, Right Oblique Crunch x 10, flapjack to Left x 10, HTH x 10.

Peoples chair 35 lb KB passed from left to right then back again x 10. PAX do arm raises while waiting for KB.

LBC x 10, Right Oblique Crunch x 10, flapjack to Left x 10, HTH x 10.

Peoples chair 20 lb KB overhead x 10. PAX do arm raises while waiting for KB.

Return to metal plates push across lot x 3. Run lap around lot after each crossing.

Bench work. Run back to benches to left side of school and repeato.

Dryspot under covered walkway. LBC x 10, Right Oblique Crunch x 10, flapjack to Left x 10, HTH x 10.

Time to kill so do Mary’s pax choice.

COT. Announcements, Mad gave promo for Fishing Hole on Thursday mornings since we were all 45 or older. Prayer service 4/19 for Jennings and Palmer (Bout Time) family 7:30pm at RTS chapel 2101 Carmel Rd. YHC took us out by requesting forgiveness for not being Gullah and the lack of KB work. Also asked forgiveness on the lack of faith that rain would stop and pax would show.

Thanks Gullah for letting me Q today! Everybody worked hard and even though the rain stopped we were still soaked with sweat.



YHC, Cooter will be the Q at Ascent this Saturday. The weatherman is calling for rain but that don’t matter. Either by rain or by sweat its going to be a soaken good time.