That was a mouthful

That was a mouthful

At 0554 Billy Goat and I thought we might be the only ones today, but as usual, the crew trickled in to make 5.  Then Airwolf came in hot and we circled the lot to pick him up.  Like a true vet, he hopped out of the car and was ready to go.  Wait, wasn’t there supposed to be an FNG??  Apparently, Billy Goat did not tell FNG-Brian that we start promptly at 0600.  Seeing a red convertible going from lot to lot, BG told use to go ahead and he would wait.  Nope, we will just wait for him to pull in, back in, watch him search for something in his car, then trunk…ok, now he is ready.   Prior to this point YHC had asked every one to grab 2 water bottles and now at 7, water in hand, off we went!

Warm up

Jog over to the lot with a pond (yep, could not be more specific).  The one by the gas station, near the rock pile…yeah, that one.  Once at the parking lot, we went into the basic warm up, water in hands when appropriate.  Oh, the disclaimer was delivered to FNG on the run.

In cadence…

Seal Jack x20

Arm circles (frontwards and backward) x15 each

Imperial Walker x20

Merkins x10

Mountain climber x15

Then a bunch of ab work…Rest position was 10″ -Box cutters x20, Reverse Box  cutters x20, American Hammer x20, Boat Canoe until i heard someone say, “no one is doing these, we are just watching you”. That’s when you know you need to move.


The Thang

Instructions were to set your waters down and head to the rock pile and find a lifting rock.  More on the rock choice below.  Once the proper rock was secured, we made 3 stops as we did everything x 20: Curls, Tri’s and Presses.  When traveling, hold rock above head.


At this point it was time for some sort of inspirational speech….Blah, Blah, Blah….Burden of life, distractions, finding peace, taking time to breath…think I covered it.  Not sure anyone understood or cared, but everyone was wondering why we had the water…here we go.

As a side note, this was a Ruck quarantine workout (credit Cadre DS of GoRuck fame). Originally performed with a #20 ruck, we did not have Rucks, but we did have rocks.

Instructions: Empty one bottle (take a sip, pour it on your head, pour it out for a homie- just empty the contents).  Before each round, fill your mouth with water (more on that), do not swallow or spit the contents and perform the following:  Burpees x10 / Squats x20 (10 per leg) w/rock.  Once completed, empty the water from you mouth into the empty bottle.  The timer was set for 2 min per round.  Hopefully you had a few seconds left to breath and repto.  We completed 10 rounds.  100 burpees, 200 lunges.


Once that fun ended, we headed over to the pond with the Rock in hand


At the pond we had 3 stations and performed the following: Split Merkins (on rock) x10, Dips x20 (w/rock in lap), Squats (with rock) x30.  Repto 2 more times, 2nd round had Diamond Merkins on rock.


Running out of time….put Rocks back, throw trash away and all you got back to the parking lot




Announcements: Lex Luther promoting Tweet and Meat on Wednesday…yeah total brownie points!  Seriously, come out.  Phroel on Q this Wednesday, promises a Ruck beat down @ South Clt 0515

Thank you Cul-de-Sac for the prayer take out


Ye Old Mole Skin

  • As always, thank you to the site Q’s for the invite.  I have not been to this site much given that my FiA wife and I can now workout at the same time 0700.  Glad to be back with the Pax.
  • Cul-de-Sac is a solid site Q.  He kept me on task all AM: Did I disclaim, 4,3,2 mins left, Prayer (which I almost forgot)
  • Since I had my phone, I was nice enough to illuminate the rock pile for the Pax to choose a rock and look out for snakes.  No snakes found, but I did find a small army of ants that were pissed I moved their home.  So glad I had the light, that rock was about to go on my shoulder. Promove- Always turn the rock over to see if there is anything under it.
  • Thank you to the Pax for humoring me (you did not have much of a choice) on the workout today.  Pretty standard meat and potato with the non-sense in the middle
  • Few Highlights from above:
    • In seriousness, 2020 has been a challenge: At home, at work, society in general.  The intent of today’s workout was to get you to take on something challenging and figure out how to keep breathing in the face of discomfort.  Was it successful??
    • So only a few guys lots their water early and spit it out.  I believe someone made a joke and that got a few guys and the others, well doing burpees and lunges with a large mouth of water is uncomfortable and it happens.  Overall, very little was spilled
    • Lex Luther told me today he was listening to a Podcast prior to the workout on breathing through you nose…timing is everything
    • YHC should have blown his nose prior to this workout.  You would think that knowing the plan…#snotbubbles
    • After round 3, Billy Goat needed tunes…kicked my phone to level (as loud as it gets) and we rocked out to AC/DC on Pandora.  Yep, if you could hear the music, you heard a commercial…#cheapskate
  • Air Wolf is a beast and always had the Rock over his head while walking
  • FNG – Brian….Billy Goats sort of neighbor now new member of the Pax.  Code Name- Cocktoasten.  For any 80’s movie buffs, that is from the Chevy Chase movie, Flech.  Apparently he drives a convertible in the movie and so did our FNG.  He actually had a real nice ride.  Welcome….next time we start prompt at 0600.  And if you hate your name, I still like Miata.
    • Keep coming out, every workout is different
    • Great effort today…probably too many burpees for your first post, but you hung in there
  • Billy Goat with a 2 mile prerun..solid!
  • Frehleys always drops ass…consistently (I was next to him but up wind).  Glad to see you away from the bells….oh wait, planning to Double down today..STRONG!
  • Besides teachers pet, Lex Luther was getting after it.  Come see him Q Tweet and Meat on 9/16
    • Yeah, I still hear you complaining that I made you drag your ruck in the grass.
  • I realize I pay very little attention to the Pax when I Q.  It’s not being selfish, I am tryng to remember what is next…if I forgot something, add it to the comments
  • OH one more thing…We had more then DaVinci….BOOM!




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