A Man Walks Into a Kevlar

  • When:8/14/20
  • QIC: Horsehead

A Man Walks Into a Kevlar

8 for Kevlar.

Geraldo, Lex, Whip, Chubbs, Cage, Bounce, Dish, Horsehead



  • Campus Starfish at the paver cross – 5 burpee center and various endpoint activities
  • Back road suicides – various species of merkin
  • Ladder on the hill – burpees and jump squats
  • Mary at natural interludes



Good crew today, ready to get after it.

Missing Bulldog and his new/old buddy Butterball.  They came back strong, but have been MIA the past few weeks.  Rumor is they had custom matching Pelotons installed in their respective inglenooks and we may never see them again.  Bulldog is halfway through the Fawlty Towers box set by now.


Bounce and Dish representing the Molon Labe crew, who have been doing all sorts of things for the past several months with the exception of haircuts.  Bounce just learned that the dates on his wine bottles are not expirations, so his weekend plans have expanded.  Looks like rain tomorrow AM, so I’m not sure what the Bear Claw workout policy is on that.  I’m venturing to guess it’s a no.

Chubbs is getting geared up for his big VQ next week.  I hope we gave him some good advice.

VQ Pro Tips:

  • No
  • Also, no
  • If it’s never been done, let’s keep it that way
  • Do not throw or launch any items during the workout
  • Yes, there are new exercises on the website.  Please leave them there.
  • If you can’t do it, don’t Q it.
  • Also, fake it till you make it.
  • If you can’t take the heat, better not circle up for too long.
  • Absolutely not




Looks like Hopper drew the RockZ Rain Q card out of the Sorting Hat for tomorrow.  not slytherin, not slytherin.   Come on out and support.  I may be there myself.


Top Secret Link for A51 only backblasts, which are few and far between these days:







P. S.

Movie recommendation for this weekend:

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, starring Don Knotts (with a multitude of Mayberry cameos).








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