Together They Make It Happen

Together They Make It Happen

7 men for Centurion. Scheduled Q Runstopper has some old man issues involving his lower back. Hope he heals up. Had it been last week, YHC would have had the same problem. Back pain sucks. Group was disclaimed and off we went.


Mosey across 51 past the Chipotle climate controlled delivery truck and onto CCHS campus. Down the thoroughfare to Stairwell 2. Up stairs to level 4. Circle up.


IW x 10 IC

MC x 10 IC

Peter Parker Merkin x 10 IC

Low Slow Squat x 10 IC

Down Stairwell 1 to the circular benches.

Triple Towers

Start at benches with 15’s: Step Up, Dips, Derkins. Run to Stairwell 1. 15 Heels to Heaven. 5 Hand-Release Burpees. Down Stairwell 1. Back to benches. Plank-o-rama. Repeat bench set and run to Stairwell 2. Add 15 Donkey Kicks. Repeat to Stairwell 3. Add 15 Jump Squats. Plank-o-rama between reps.

Mosey into Tartarus (deck). Line up on ground floor. We did some sprints up to the top, covering either a half level or full level after completing called exercises. Mary at the top. Down to ground level. Another Mary set.

AYG up Stairwell 1 and back down 5 times. Mosey back to launch. Civilian cadence merkins to 10: Regular, Offset Right, Offset Left, Wide, Diamond.


On April 7 of the Bicentennial year of this great country, an American treasure was released. The Bad News Bears. The film featured a hard drinking former minor league prospect, Morris Buttermaker (Walter Mattheau) as a reluctant head coach of a little league team. He was voluntold to coach by a city councilman whose son, who was marginally talented, was not allowed to play in the league. In one of the best years in history, 1976 when the film was released, Buttermaker sets the gold standard for coaching. He drinks tall boys while coaching while telling it like it is. No kid gloves. No PC. Maybe this is what Trump was talking about with his campaign slogan. Who knows. Anyways, Buttermaker fails with his team of misfits and decides that he needs an ace, so he enlists feisty and gifted pitcher, Amanda Wurlitzer (Tatum O’Neill), to lead the charge. Spoiler alert: Together They Make It Happen.

Cinematic gold, IMHO. I was a ball player as a kid and loved this movie. I also love my parents, for allowing me to watch this movie that included such great lines. A few examples;

-I got half a mind to find your old man and kick him in the nuts so hard he can never foul the earth with another shit like you.

-Hey Yankees, You can take your apology and your trophy and shove it straight up your ass.

-Blow it out your bung hole.

Ahh, 1976, also the year of my birth. Definitely need to watch this gem with my kids today. Show them how coaches used to motivate their players. How a team comes together to make it happen.

So, that is what we did today, in a sense. The group stayed together mostly, and offered one another some encouragement, and got it done.

Our FNG, Bad News, hails from Chi-town, the Windy City. Circuit City brought him out. He is visiting prior to heading over to Myrtle Beach for his 12-year-old son’s baseball tourney. His team finished 4th in some high level of competition and were slated to play the Cooperstown tournament this year. Bad news, team, consolation prize is the Myrtle Beach tourney, due to COVID. Anyways, that’s how his name came about, but we certainly enjoyed having him and wish the team luck in Myrtle.

Notables: Bout Time ran in and back. Cane and I passed him on the way in. Quick math indicated that he would need to run hard to make it. He did. His wife, Lauren, earned the Woman of the Year award for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Her team earned somewhere in the neighborhood of 450K. That is some good news. Well done!

Great work this morning men. Have a good weekend. Be safe

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