• When:2/29/2020
  • QIC: Horsehead


People who experienced this:

Geraldo, Levi, iHop, Glock, Boerewors, Mr. Magoo,  Alf, Runstopper, Wojo, Beaver, Ductwork, Elsa, Mailman, O Tannenbaum, Horsehead


15 men of valor and curiosity posted for a potentially once in a lifetime leap-day RockZero extravaganza.  The next opportunity for a Feb 29th RockZero will be in the year 2048, so mark your calendars.  I’m already signed up to Q for those of you who will still be around.





  • Warmup run and COP, including some smooooth imperial walkers
  • 2 rounds of Mega Giant Starfish across campus – merkins, HTH, squats, & pax choice at the corners w/ burpee center
  • Tree suicides in the parking lot of pain and grievances – merkins, peter parkers, humpers
  • Jacobs ladder on the hill of dehydrated turds– burpees and jump squats
  • 3 sets of hotbox 10/20/30s – derkins, little Haze, LBC – run to the trash can each time
  • Around 4 miles – not Chad approved





After a somewhat awful Friday at work, I needed this one.  There really is no better remedy for a case of the grumpies than to fully smoke yourself Qing a workout.  Had I not signed up, I would probably still be lying in the sack, enveloped in farts.  Thanks for coming out guys.

This workout seemed longer than a CVS receipt.  I kept looking at the watch, and we still had a lot of chicken left on the bone every time I checked.  Speaking of watches, O Tannenbaum spent most of coffeteria talking about how much he loves collecting watches, even his collector’s edition Casio G Shock that he uses exclusively for being late to EVERY SINGLE WORKOUT.  We thought he had mended his ways this AM when he was actually there to hear his first F3 disclaimer ever, but he eventually fessed up to being 2 mins late for the 630 pre run.

No way to top that unless you are Hoover, who somehow overslept by 2 hours.  You know what though, the big guy probably needed the sleep after running around with backpacks full of lead and cinder blocks strapped to himself all week.

Runstopper likes his post-workout coffee in a reusable, sustainable mug with a wisp of cinnamon and nutmeg and just an ever-so-gentle drizzle of flannel.  He also saves water by omitting shorts from the laundry load and rocking the exposed Spanx.  The rest of us contribute to saving the environment by each driving individual vehicles to Starbucks and drinking out of paper cups.

Missed Spackler and his aromas today.  I think he and Bounce come as a BOGO package deal.  I hear they are off having a final showdown – Adams Tight Lies vs. The Orilimar Tri Metal.

Alf crushed us all.  I heard he had a pushup contest with Superman last weekend, loser had to wear their underwear on the outside of their pants.



Until 2048,




PS. Better read this quick, before it gets #Waxhawed right off of the front page.


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1 year ago

That was a smoker, well done Horsehead. TCLAPS to Glock who was hanging with Alf on the suicides until Alf kicked it into gear. Well done Hoover calling for the pre-run only to sleep through his alarm. Welcome Wojo a native Charlottean visiting us from F3 Richmond. It didn’t take long for the RFYL crew to acquire our seats at Starbucks. All right, I need a nap now.

1 year ago

“Waxhawed right off the front page”, fantastic

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