Light Day at RockZero

  • When:12/7/2019
  • QIC: Marge

Light Day at RockZero

Pax List: Boerewors, Hoover, Geraldo, Dig Dug, Baywatch, Sprockets, IHop, Slingshot, One Eye, O’Tannenbaum, Levi, Bounce, Spackler, Duct Work, McGee, Lorax, Alf, Boondock, Steve Tanneyhill, Dingo

22 pax gathered for Championship Saturday at RockZero with the hopes of burning a few calories before a full day of boozing and football.  Impressive group. I tweeted out last night that I was headed to a Christmas party with an open bar and that I may not even make it this morning.  Maybe that’s why we had such a big crowd. Pretty sure all regretted coming.

No disclaimer.  This was an all veteran crew.

Mosey to big parking lot in the middle of all the other parking lots.

  • 20 SSH 
  • 20 IW
  • 20 LSS
  • 20 Mountain Climbers

Mosey to Davie Park with a stop at the Pineville-Matthews / Rea intersection for  20 Monkey Humpers. Once at Davie Park, partner up and grab one lifting rock. Each team did 50 curls, 50 overhead presses and 50 tricep extensions.  One partner lifts while the other runs around the parking lot island. Once set one was complete, rinse and repeat for a second set.

Mosey to Cary Ridge.  Stop for some Mary at the entrance to gather the 6. Mosey to intersection of Coburn and Cabell View Court.  Instructions were given for the Coburn half pipe (Thanks to Goonie for this one). Run until Coburn meets Browne’s Pond.  Do 10 Jump Squats then Run back to Coburn / Cabell View for 10 Heels to Heaven. Maybe we’ll do that a few times based on time.  Actually nope… once was enough.

Line up for one long 22-pax indian (Native American / Elizabeth Warren) run.  Bad idea. Break up into two 11-pax lines. Follow Bevington down to the intersection of Bevington and Rea.  Then the lines break up and slow mosey up Rea back to the launch.  

At this point we were 4.7 miles in so we jogged around the launch (including the North Face) until we hit the 5.0 mark. 

2 minutes of Mary.  Sweat Angels (thanks Sprockets) and Protractor (thanks Spackler).


Great group out there today.  22 pax at RZ was great. Not sure I’ve been to many with that many pax.  Lots of chatter over the course of the workout though I didn’t catch a ton of it so sound off below.  Definitely heard lots of complaints about the lack of exercises and excessive running. For the record, I’d planned some exercises at the Hot Box but time ran out.  

Glad to burn a few calories this morning.  Heading to the ACC Championship game shortly to see Clemson’s 5th straight ACC Championship.  

It’s also the 78th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor today.  2,335 service men / women were killed along with 68 civilians. It’s a great day to remember sacrifices made by so many on our behalf.   My grandmother is a Pearl Harbor survivor. She was a 7 year old girl living in Honolulu and hid in a drain under a driveway for the entire attack.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.  I’ve been to Rock Zero plenty over the years but I believe this was my first Q.

Go Tigers!

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1 year ago

Thanks for the Q, Marge.

5 miles might be a record for a Rock Zero workout. If not, it’s pretty high on the list. We were smoked after that.

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