Huge Chestes

Huge Chestes

Twas a beautiful Fall morn, whereby 11 gents dismounted from their chariots to strap on the #F3Kevlar and get after it.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t let you know about my pre-workout dump. Let me just say #cleanasawhistle. We were really in for a good one this morning.

Said wassup to a wiley group of veterans, decided who from the Pax was wearing a wristwatch to help me with my bearings, gave a good disclaimer and we were off. Oh, after the disclaimer, Spackler asked who would be the designated mouth to mouth giver (if needed), umm, if you have to ask, it’s you my friend.

Here’s where I’ll let everyone know what we did to work out (Q rules), which you probably don’t care, if you like just skip down to the NMM.

Mosey from lot down to the gathering spot in between a bunch of buildings for COP.




Honeymooner/Down Dog


Partner up, stretch out your chesticles for the Alabama Slamma.

P1 does merkins x20

P2 does squats

flapjack where each partner does same number of merkins from 20 all the way to 1. #suckfest

Next, P1 runs around church x3, P2 stays does called stomache (WW2 situps, dolly, flutter).

Little mary to catch the breath (LBC, Rosalita).

Mosey to hill up by the road for 7’s: CDD at top, WW2 situps at bottom.

Mosey back to small field by the lot, back with partner.

P1 runs the track, P2 does called exercise (merkins, squats).


Story Time

Really good group of dudes out there this morning.

Hard to be a legit Fun Friday with the Alabama Slamma, it just sucks. I can remember it sucking when I used to do most of the workout and be in much better shape. Heard everyone starting to feel it around rep 17. Wobbly arms, we almost had some faceplants out there. Spack would have been there to either revive you with oxygen or last night’s Tito’s.

I might call a Trifusnik referendum in replacing Gloss with Pop Tart. PT is an honorary member already, but his refusnik game right now is legit. I’ve seen Gloss doing waaaay too much work lately. #CYT though Gloss, this is just an inquiry, I haven’t put a vote on the floor just yet.

Bulldog is a trooper. Chap barely has a left knee ligament and he’s still posting. Told me this morning that his next option to make it better might be to take a ligament from a cadaver. Yikes. I immediately thought about that field trip in Fast Times where the class went to see a cadaver and look at the organs inside, where Jennifer Jason Leigh had to leave abruptly to hurl, Mark Ratner was there to hold her hair back. So cute, but gross.

Rhapsody and Wormwood were the dynamic duo this morning, leading the way in both the Slamma and the runs. Cage, Squid, Manziel, and CottonTail were silent assassins getting after it.

Thanks to Cottontail, TD, and Pop Tart all helping the Q keep time this morning.

Thanks to TD for the good prayer too. Always be thankful for the health we have to post, but always be mindful of those Pax that are not out and be that word of encouragement they might need.


Christmas/Thanksgiving party: Friday before Thanksgiving, somewhere in BFE? $30 per person, see Pop Tart for details or a camel to get there.

Let em Soar 5K: Tomorrow morning 8:30am, Covenant Day, see TD for details.

Billingsville Tutoring: Tuesdays 4:30pm-5:30pm, Billingsville Elementary, see Manziel for details.

Continue to bring unused coats to workouts, give to Chelms

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SpacklerPosted on6:08 pm - Oct 11, 2019

So as I sit back and reflect on this morning, hold on let me put on a shirt….ok I’m back sorry. It was a good one. I’m sorry but what I haven’t gotten out of my head all day is the fact that Cottontails wife is pregnant with their 14th child. That has to qualify for some kind of spousal abuse, right?

“Hey honey I’m sorry but i can only watch 9 of the kids today you are going to have to take the other 5 with you”

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