Triangles of Terror

Triangles of Terror

PAX: Gage, Christmas, Gypsy, Retread, Tweetsie, Arena, Jello (QIC)

Quick Disclaimer at Start Point and instructions given to

Head to the Scout Hut

Mcdowell St.      .1            L

S Trade St            .5            R

STOP at Far Exit of Matthews United Methodist (scout hut). Fast guys run parking lot while waiting on Six.

Get first Set of Called Exercises (Set 1)

  • 10 Speed Skaters
  • 10 Jump Squats
  • 10 Heels to Heavens

Partner up (Gage and Arena, Christmas and Gypsy, Jello and Retread and Tweetsie ) and run together.

Instructions given to Head to the Far corner of Covenant Church. I discovered there is a sidewalk heading up Fullwood lane. Several guys cut through the Covenant Church Parking lot – Safety First!

Corner of Covenant Church Lane by Porta-John

Do 1st Set of exercises OYO.

Fast guys run in parking lot while waiting on the Six.

Get 2nd Set of Exercises (set 2) – Bat Wings! This is harder then one might think if you keep your arms straight and don’t drop them.

  • 10 small arm circles small
  • 10 small arm circles reverse
  • 10 claps in front
  • 10 claps overhead

Directions given for Small Triangle 1


(Right) Route 51  .3          R

John Street .5     R

Christ Covernant Church Lane     .4           

P2 – Reverse

(*) Meet in the Middle for 10 handslap merkins

When you meet back at Porta John, do 1st, 2ndset of exercises

Instructions given for 2nd Triangle, which was essentially run the perimeter of Christ Covenant Church


Covenant Church Lane .3 R

Treverton Drive (last road of Covenant see sign for Covenant day school)                .2            R

Fullwood Lane   .2            R

Route 51              .2            R

P2  – Reverse

(*) Meet in the Middle for 10 handslap merkins

Meet back at Porta-John, do Set 1 and Set 2 of exercises

As a group, easy Run to SunTrust at 345 West John St using Christ Covenant Church Road .5

Instructions given for 3rd set of exercises which include:

  • 10 Plank Jacks
  • 10 Squats
  • 10 LBC

Directions for 3rd (and Final) Triangle of Terror

West John Street              .2            R

North Trade Street          .3            R

Main Street                        .4            R

Irwin Lane                           .1            R

P2 – Reverse

(*) Meet in the Middle for 10 handslap merkins

While exercises were started, we ran out of time and headed back at 6:12.

Great Workout by all! The concept of this work out came from my boss at work, who recently visited Bermuda and has run some marathons.

Glad that I got to meet Arena who is on the 9 Man BRR team. Solid runner who will bring it. Gypsy was out in front for most of this. Many props for willing to drive for the BRR, instead of crushing it. I remember Christmas from the Crane Relay, who brings it. Really great effort by Gage out there. Thankful to be able to keep up (almost) with Tweetsie and “Mr. Consistency” Retread.

Thanks for letting me lead! I really liked this format and hope to catch Sparta more.

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