Let’s run to Mighty Mite’s House

Let’s run to Mighty Mite’s House

YHC warned everyone on slack during Friday marketing that we would cover some distance. And we did, YHC’s house is 2.25 miles away and the round trip was 4.5 miles.

11 Pax were in attendence. We started running. We did a short warm up in the parking lot near the salons. Then we ran up the first hill until the intersection with Community House. McGee led mary at the top. Keep running past AKHS to the bottom of the hill, do single leg squats, squats, dips, and merkins up the next hill to the intersection with Marvin Road. Cross the street into the next parking lot. At this point all of the pax are asking YHC to buy them breakfast at Bagel Bin. So I provided them breakfast in the form of a 60lb sandbag, that we had to carry back to launch. McGee also said it was his birthday, so we had to do 34 burpees. Then we ran back to launch with the sandbag. At that point there were only a few minutes left that we burned out with some Mary.

Announcements: Sign Up for the Summer Cookout/Pool Party on July 27!!! Limited space left!

Moleskine: YHC has always wanted to run to my house and was wondering if the pax could do it. Spoiler: They could and did a great job.

Frehley’s Comet decided to defect to Da Vinci on his own free will. There were several times during the workout that he said “I really enjoyed the extra half hour of sleep! It helped cure my hangover.” and “Golly gee willakers! Chicken is better than bagels!”.

Escobar threatened to post Stonehenge because of the mileage warning but that extra half hour of sleep is undefeated.

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