Base Camp beat down

Base Camp beat down

Five men met up at South Charlotte Middle School bright and early. It was a little lite from the normal crowd, but that’s all right! Originally, Costanza was slated to Q, however, he is on the IR with some back issues. We hope he gets better. Thunder took the Q

We circled up in front of the school for COP which was: SSH, IW, LSS, Merkin & LS Merkin x 10.

Next, we took a run down Strawberry Ln to Rosecliff stopping at each speed bump to do 10 Merkins.

We ran up and down the hill at Rosecliff and did heels to heaven at the bottom x 10 and LBC’s at the top x10. We made 5 trips up and down the hill.

Mosey back to the school with 10 drydocks at each speed bump.

Back at the launch site we lined up abreast (that word again). One man called the exercise and ran to the end of the sidewalk. The other men completed the exercise until the first returned. Each of the five men got to call an exercise : LSS, jump squat, LBC, lunges and something else

Next we grabbed a rock and did curls, triceps, overhead press x 10 each. Then we took a stroll down the ramp to the bleachers and did dips and supine pullups x10 each. We made this circuit 3 times

After carefully replacing each rock we did some peoples chair to wind up the workout.

Thank you to Hopper for taking us out

Announcements: Beer Run is upcoming, Hopper is leading MASH which also meets at 530 at SCMS and is for those on the IR who are looking to get back into the mix. Also keep Goonie’s sister in your prayers as she is having complications with a pregnancy.

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HopperPosted on2:44 pm - Jun 5, 2019

Great “on the fly” workout Thunder! I particularly enjoyed the stories of your daughter’s sleepover and the drama a pack of 11 year old girl’s can provide! #nomanualforparenting!

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