Parental Advisory

Parental Advisory

12 assembled in the lighted area of the ELE Parking lot – half of them were prerunners of varying distances- here’s what we did

SSH x 20 IC  

10 Two Handed Swings 

 IW x20 IC 

20 two handed Swings 

Merkin x20 IC

30 Two handed Swings  

Queue the “music” – more on that later

3 Excercises together x 3 rounds

Rd 1

10 Clean Each Arm

10 Rack Squats Each Arm

10 Lawn Mowers Each Arm 

20 LBC (or lay on the pavement) once done

Rd 2

10 Snatches Each Arm

10 Romanian DeadLifts Each leg

10 Shoulder Presses Each Arm

                20 LBC once complete

Rd 3

20 Two Handed Overhead Press

20 Good Mornings

20 Two Handed Swing

                Flutter w/bell once done

MultiMovement Flow Sets – Both Movementsx 2/4/6/4/2 REPS EACH HAND

One hand Swing to High Pull 

Racked Squat to Shoulder Press

Ran out of time for the two additional rounds of Multimovement sets….next time

Finished up with 25 Merkins for good measure


Once the disclaimer was given, it was no holds barred 45 minutes of Pandora’s Hard Rock Exercise Channel and flying KB’s!  Probably should have disclaimed the pax about the Pandora station which apparently is laced with explicit lyrics bringing more than a few stank eyes from TR.  Thankfully a few timely commercials softened the mood and had Voodoo wondering if YHC received payment from Pandora to play this station… I may receive a small stipend from them for the 5-1 commercial to song ratio!  If its free its for me.  I’ve probably only swung bells twice over the course of the last two months due to either injury or training for ultras, but it was great to be back in the ring.  Went lighter in weight and heavier in reps today, hopefully others had lighter bells in their quivers or it would have been a long morning.  Grips were tested today and those without Gloves/Towels struggled to keep the bells in hand.  Turkey Leg Shot putted his KB into the center of the circle at one point.  Overheard something about a surf trip gone bad to my right whereby there may have been some kind of Portuguese nipple torture involved.  We also reminisced about days gone by when Radar and brown would join us at meathead.  It was fun – enjoyed it Gang! 


Ghost runner starts tonight 7:30 arbo abc

McHorsey starts on 6/3/19

6/1 king tiger 5k (Swift Folks organizing – check slack Run channel for deets)

Crane relay signups end 5/31/19 – Date of Event 7/26

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VoodooPosted on1:20 pm - May 31, 2019

Welcome back, Fletch. That workout was definitely a grinder and the reps added up. Thanks for taking the lead and I hope to see you more regularly now that you’re healed up and that ultra is behind you!

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